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NWIAA Virgina Chair Leader


Sharon Parker*


Phone: (202) 365-8277

Melissa Torres


Phone: 1-774-318-8445

I am a 41 year old single mother of 6 children with 3 under age children still at home. As you could imagine being a mother of 6 and doing it by myself, I am no stranger to struggle. I am simply a person who sees/experiences a need for change.


As children we all have these wild ideas of being something great when we get older. We believe in magic and miracles. We love full heartedly. Then life hits us with all of these obstacles, we witness the injustice, pain and the suffering in the world. It changes us. It shocks our system and can set us off track from our younger versions' dreams. 


Like many others I always wanted to do great things as a child. With my vision not only do I get to create change but also live my dream life doing it. My greatest wish for myself that was outside of normal human needs was to own land and live in nature. Everytime I dared to imagine this I also imagined using it to help others in need by providing free food. I would envision all of the fruit orchards, berry bushes and fresh vegetables. Seeing me walking along them at my happiest, most peaceful self. Then seeing myself giving baskets of food to others and watching their worries leaving their faces and bodies relax with one less thing on their lists. 


Well, this year in April I acquired 36.20 acres of land in West Virginia. I did not have any support systems helping in this, not from family or friends. They all said it was too big and actually tried to talk me out of it!  NOt a chance!  I was well prepared to take on this project all by myself if need be. I am aware of the change one person can make in the world by being courageous enough to stand for a cause. Nothing was going to stop me from achieving what I have set out to do! While I know I am fully capable of doing so, it would take longer.


 With the rising prices of food, electricity and living costs this needs to happen asap. I am a firm believer that if you see/experience an injustice that stirs up sadness or anger within you then you are being prompted to become a part of the solution to that particular problem. When things become more prominent this is an indicator that swift action is required.


 So, I started to research for grants, loans and anything that could help. I emailed a few places and waited. NWIAA responded with more positivity than I could imagine. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with an organization that strives to be a part of the solution rather than the problem. In doing so I hope to give inspiration to others who also have the desire to be the change so greatly needed in this world. 

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1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111


24/7 Line: +1 202-643-0590

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