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Noreen Whitehead is a community outreach pioneer and is currently the Community Relations Coordinator with Atlanta Food and Farm PBC Inc as well as Black Eyed Peas Inc. She is continuously engaged in Community Development and Youth Leadership through Service, while also serving on the Fertile Crescent Steering Committee of the Food Commons Atlanta local food economy development initiative. Noreen earned her in Business Administration from Oakwood University in Huntsville AL. Ms. Whitehead has served as PTSA President at Carver School of the Arts (APS) and understands how important it is for this New Generation to be educated in the area of Agriculture and be trained in serving its community.

Noreen especially enjoys coordinating youth-powered activities. Her interest in Urban Gardening began when she would bring her youth group to the Mother Clyde Community Garden in the West End and it has been up hill ever since. As substitute teacher she helped coordinate a garden build with Park Pride and University Community Academy (UCA) students, Atlanta P.A.L. along with residents of Dixie Hill and other volunteers. Noreen coordinated garden activities with the teachers to bring their classes to care for the newly planted crops and get educational nuggets from Haylene the Garden Queen with the West End Community Urban Garden & Nursery.

Ms. Whitehead partners with youth centers, college campuses and community organizations to ensure that the NWIAA goal of educating the Next Generation is being implemented. She plans to provide access to scholarships for those students who are eager to pursue the field of Agriculture, Environmental & Animal Science.

Noreen is a native of New York City, she never dreamed that she would be preparing others for a future in agriculture while growing character, health and income from the ground up.  In addition to current program which includes: manpower training, transportation support services and AIDs Outreach training is the development of a community garden to feed homeless individuals, individuals in low-income communities and families in impoverished communities.



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