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Vivian Williams was raised on a farm in Cuba, Alabama where she and her family currently raise vegetables and are working toward conversion to goat husbandry. She resides in Knoxville, Tennessee.


Vivian is a child advocate, who worked for Project GRAD and the Knox County School system until her retirement in May, 2013. She is an active Cub Scout leader with the Boy Scouts of America where she uses her time to educate boys about production of healthy food and agricultural skills.  


Vivian’s objectives as the Tennessee Chapter chairwoman include outreach, workshops, farm tours, and addressing the local food desert.  The National Women in Agriculture Association has provided contacts and resources to make these objectives a reality.

Vivian Williams

Vivian is currently pursuing her Doctoral Degree in Ministry and serves as Associate Pastor at the Mount Zion Baptist in Knoxville, TN.  She is an accomplished organizer, community leader and advocate for Jesus Christ.

Contact Email: (865) 385-7074


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Darlene Gunther Biography  (1955 - present)
Vanderbilt University, Masters of Science degree

Born in West Virginia, my family relocated to Nashville, TN due to the declining economy in WVA. I grew up with a forest in my back yard (neighboring land), horses, vegetable gardens, fruit and nut
trees, a small plantation upon which to play, which was a private-access site. There was a small creek that bordered this land on one end. In the woods, was a very nice spring that had a concrete-wall area that we kids used for swimming in the hot summertime. While our own house had a large back yard that my family used for gardening in my early years. When I was maybe 8 years old, I grew my first crop - gourds. I was so proud of this.

Darlene Gunther

This foundation in nature has kept me outdoors throughout my life. In my early years, I followed generally acceptable paths in office management and corporate retail. During this time, I spent recreational time at the beach in southern CA, where I lived for ten years. I moved to Washington State where I embarked upon learning the machine shop environment. During this time, I was spending my weekends as a white-water river guide, camping out every Friday and Saturday night and running the Rivers every Saturday and Sunday. Outdoors is my first Love. I eventually returned to TN and continued to struggle with indoor ‘careers’. I returned to college and obtained 2 Masters Degrees, one in Physics, and the other in Interdisciplinary Material Scienceor what’s happening at the quantum level with materials. As such, I have a few scientific publications and many scientific presentations. It was during my time at Vanderbilt that my Mother spent her last years on the planet, a loss that was rather difficult to process.

I came out of college and tried teaching high school at a socially disadvantaged school. From there, I joined the agriculture department at TN State University, first working in organic agriculture and then in extension, where I organized and conducted outreach workshops, the Small Farm Expo, research that advanced Hemp in the state and established hydroponics in some of the metropolitan schools around Nashville. Our partnership with the local schools included summer camp for the kids and Professional Development for the teachers. Before I retired, I was able to establish the college student chapter of NWIAA and work the TN Dept. of Agriculture to train farmers on the rules, regulations and best practices for growing Hemp in TN.

Retired life is the best! I am the current owner of 7 acres in rural Tennessee, which I am expanding to include a nature trail through the woods (in planning stage-2021) for educational herb
walks. It has the added benefit of leading to my spring house, which furnishes all my water needs. My current plans include the addition of a hoop house (2021) for germination of various vegetables and herbs. My current vegetable production is about 1800 square feet. Future plans also include establishing walk-through gardens along the creek bank, along with horseshoes and corn-ho game areas. I am developing partnerships at the time of this writing, with local school teachers to provide educational field trips aimed at introducing children to the medicinal value of vegetables and herbs, flowering plants for pollinators, and creek habitats (crawdads, minnows, fish, snakes, turtles, rocks and erosion). I also have a small wetland and pond on the property, which offers other insight into frogs, tadpoles, snakes, and wetland plants. I am also working with NWIAA Chairwoman, Vivian Williams, Knoxville, TN to develop partnerships with University of TN extension and TN State
University Extension. Together, we are working to reestablish the NWIAA Student Chapter at TN State Univ. and develop projects at the college as well as visits to the farm. My main interest is in
lifestyle. As an elder, I want to teach the young people how to view food as medicine, how to identify and use herbs and respect wildlife habitats and coexist with wildlife and wild plants. We are all healers - self healers. Our bodies are wise and we must learn to appreciate, respect and listen to our bodies, a lost art in modern society. Nature has everything we need. Sadly, we have forgotten much of the wisdom once known to humans. Yet, nature awaits our willingness to coexist and experience
true love, found in harmony. Although I am not USDA certified organic, all my practices are aimed at sustainable, best practices for living in harmony with nature.
I utilize herbs to produce value-added products such as herbal creams, salves, vinegars and oils. My sales include seeds, seedlings, some vegetables and herbs. I also offer workshops on the farm and herb walks through the forest.

Contact Email: (615) 561-0321


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Dr. Floyd brings a wealth of experience to the organization. His career has been primarily focused in the field of education where he has served as a Spanish Teacher, English as a Second Language Coordinator, Spanish Language Interpreter, and Community Liaison for Spanish-speaking families at the Nashville Global Academy Charter School in Nashville, TN. At the higher education level he has been a Graduate Student Instructor of Spanish at Middle Tennessee State University, an Adjunct Professor of Education in the Educational Leadership Program at Tennessee State University, as well as a Professor of Spanish Language and Culture and Special Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs at American Baptist College where he revised the college’s student catalog and created the Developmental Studies Program.

Dr. Floyd has earned an Associate of Arts Degree in English and an Associate of Science Degree in General Education from John C. Calhoun Community College in Decatur, AL. He has earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Spanish from Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. He has earned a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree with a concentration in Spanish from Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN. He has earned a Doctor of Education Degree with a concentration in Administration and Leadership from Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN. He has earned his certification in Instructional Leadership from Bethel University in McKenzie, TN. He is also licensed in the State of Tennessee as a K-12 Administrator.

Currently, Dr. Floyd is finishing a Master of Science in Agricultural Education at Iowa State University in Ames, IA. His focus of study is on the intersection of Spanish Language and culture and Agricultural Education for children in elementary school.


Dr. Floyd is a native of Nashville, TN. He enjoys traveling to Canada, New England, and the Northeastern United States. He frequently travels to Spanish-speaking countries, such as Cuba, Mexico, Honduras, and the U.S. Territory of Puerto Rico, to learn about their cultural practices. He also enjoys frequent visits to the Mayan Ruins in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. He is a fan of the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, Boston Bruins, New England Patriots, as well as a season ticket holder of the National Hockey League’s Nashville Predators.

Kori Floyd

Contact Email: (615) 429-2714


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Marius Blake

Contact Email:  (901) 607-1094

Born in Memphis, TN, Marius Blake is a Community Leader, Entrepreneur, Builder, & Outdoor Enthusiast. Growing up in the impoverished community of Hyde Park within Memphis, TN, Marius experienced a lot of hardships that could’ve led him down a different path. With the guidance and love of a praying grandmother and church members who were like family, Marius beat the odds to become a leader. Graduating from Northside HS led him to a career in Cosmetology as a barber and stylist. As a barber, he was able to minister and help many men and women in the community with his giving spirit by hosting food drives, clothing drives, and family events. These actions, not fueled by anything other than a love to see people win, caught the attention of many of his friends who encouraged him to convert his love into a 501c3. Marius has expanded his efforts to include creating more community gardens, and events for children to cultivate their love for community, earth, and other humans. The Annual Fishing Rodeo is just one example of an event that brings joy and awareness to our natural resources here in the Bluff city. Marius has been a person we can all aspire to be like: One that uses his talents to bless others in a mighty way!

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