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NWIAA Minnesota Chair Leader

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Phone: (651) 855-8814

Ann Wirre
Phone: (321) 289-0953

Ann Wirre, felt starting the Tampa NWIAA Chapter was an exciting opportunity to connect women in agriculture in service of our rural and urban communities. We have a growing urban agricultural sector and helping each other develop and grow our agri-businesses while committing ourselves to education and partnerships with community organizations will ensure that healthy local, fresh food will be available for generations to come. 

Ann is an entrepreneur, wife, and mother to two adult young men. She is from a long line of Minnesota farmers and passionate gardeners. When she moved to Florida in 2006 she had a passion for growing the local fruits and vegetables.

It was after a life changing diagnosis of Thyroid Cancer, that would prompt Ann to return to her roots and make conscious food and medicinal decisions. On March 13, 2014, Ann had her first surgery that led them to find Ann's Cancer. Only a few years prior to this, Ann's Father-In-Law passed away on her birthday of Thyroid Cancer. This would shake Ann’s world and the entire family. This would ultimately drive Ann to pursue her dream of bringing healthy food and medicinal resources to her community and advocate for natural, organic alternatives. 

Knowing her life passions and desires were still a vision, Ann and her husband purchased more property in Brevard County, launched her business, and she has since begun to farm her land. Ann realized the major decline in the Citrus farming over the last few years and decided that is where she wanted to start in educating the youth in the local area about the importance in keeping the tradition in her area going into the next generation. Ann was a local school educator and wants to continue helping the youth learn how to grow and maintain the Citrus grown along the Indian River. Haulover Citrus is a woman-owned business that prides itself on community outreach and engagement for the collective betterment of our future. 

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