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Born in Pennsylvania in 1982, Brooke Henderson would attend grad school in Delaware County. In 1994, Brooke and her family would move to Ocean View Delaware, where Brooke completed her rearing in Sussex County. It was during this time where Brooke’s love and passion for agriculture and plants would begin to develop. As a high school student, Brooke was an active member and advocate for the 4-H Club; she attended Indian River High School. This is where the benefits of horticulture and its impact on our well-being would begin to become beneficial. 

In 2004 Brooke received her Associated Degree in Applied Science in Architectural Engineering from Delaware County Community College. At this time, Brooke would become mindful and experience the disadvantages of being a woman in a predominately male industry. Brooke became a Kitchen and Bath designer, a project manager, and sales while in this industry. When the recession of 2008 impacted numerous lives, Brooke found herself in an uphill battle and disadvantage trying to attain gainful employment. At that time Brooke would find various jobs in the labor and restaurant industries and would return to school to attain a Certificate in Litigation Paralegal from Widener University in 2014. 

Brooke Henderson

It was after the tragic loss of her brother, that would prompt Brooke to return to her roots and make conscious food and medicinal decisions. On July 8, 2013, Brooke’s younger brother Brandon, would be found dead on his birthday from an overdose of methadone, the drug used to help with opioid dependency. This would shake Brooke’s world and the entire family.  This would ultimately drive Brooke to pursue her dream of bringing healthy food and medicinal resources to her community and advocate for natural, organic alternatives. 

Knowing her life passions and desires were still a vision, Brooke and her family purchased a property in the Chester County PA countryside, launched her business, and to farm her land. Brooke has become a licensed hemp grower in the state of PA in March of 2020 and will continue to grow organic hemp and produce. Natural Blhend Company is a woman-owned business that prides itself on community outreach and engagement for the collective betterment of our future. 

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