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NWIAA Michigan Chapter Leader

Rodnesha (Ronnie) Ross*
Phone: (248) 759-6014

Rodnesha Ross, a native of Detroit, MI, embarked on her journey of success from a young age. After graduating from high school, she pursued her dreams at Columbia College in Chicago. Following college and several internships, Rodnesha returned to Detroit to establish her business in the arts and nonprofit sectors. Inspired by her mother's community advocacy, she founded Artist Venue NPO in 2013, which later evolved into Youth Community Agency (YCA). Originally focusing on artistry programs for inner-city youth, a pivotal moment during a class session led to a redirection of YCA's mission towards mentoring, empowering, and uplifting teen mothers.Founded in 2013, YCA's primary focus remains empowering young women, particularly teenage mothers, and improving the community of Detroit. With a commitment to providing second chances and support to those in need, YCA launched a three-tier housing program during the pandemic to support young girls and teen moms with temporary, independent, and single-family housing. In 2022, YCA expanded its impact by launching the Queens Small Business Career Academy, providing alternative education opportunities to disadvantaged youth. As a serial entrepreneur, Rodnesha has also initiated various businesses in the Metro Detroit Area, offering internships and employment opportunities to empower teen moms and create stability for their families. Looking ahead to 2024, YCA is excited to announce its growing agriculture projects, slated for the upcoming spring, with the support of the Metro Detroit community.

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