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NWIAA New Jersey Chapter Leaders

Violet founded Pepetwa Farm in rural Kenya with a strong focus on promoting and supporting women farmers. She is committed to raising awareness about best practices for women farmers and provides
essential resources, employment opportunities, and youth volunteerism to uplift rural farming communities in
Kenya.Violet has extensive experience serving as a United States Peace Corps Ukraine Volunteer, where her work focused on international development with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Within this role, she concentrated on empowering and educating youth, women, and primary teachers on a variety of social issues. Her efforts included spearheading strategic planning initiatives to promote best practices in
education, increase awareness of gender equality and leadership, and advocate for causes such as HIV/AIDS, disabilities, and breast cancer detection. Violet holds a Bachelor's degree in Sociology from William Paterson University and a Master's degree in
Human Resources and Employment Relations from Penn State University. Currently, she is pursuing a certification in farm management, planning, and marketing at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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