NWIAA Kentucky Chairperson

Temika Towner

Temika Towner is a single mom. she has a 20 year old daughter who's a sophomore at UIC college, she decided to venture in a different direction to assure a generational Legacy for my heirs for the future. She invested in a myriad of categorial ventures to secure freedom for she and her family as to why obtaining acreage was a necessity as the decline in economic growth has sustained a mark in these evolving times. Her objective is to start a vegetable and fruit market to start and gradually grow to obtain different fields of nourishment. She also is planning to do a redevelopment project for affordable housing geared towards Seniors, College Students, and Veterans. "I am so excited with this new profound chapter in my life, it's been a long journey and this new experience has me so elated I Thank you guys so kindly for the Welcome!" -Temika Towner


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