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Louisea John Browne

The Social Momreneur is the Owner and Founder of Increase Kids Agro World based in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies that creates sustainable products, services and experiences for Mom's and Kids IKAW's mission is to Help Busy Momtpreneurs grow Holistic kids through the Beauty of Agriculture.
Mrs. John-Browne regularly hosts Agri related projects for community groups, Mom's and Kids. Recently the approach has been focused on mompreneurship, and teaching them how to find Peace and Profits as Mom's first need to be Holistic before attempting to influence their kids. The Social Momreneur serves as a Leader of the IKAW Women in Agriculture Group in her Country under the umbrella of the US Based Nation Women in Agriculture Association.


She has authored two children books that are live on Amazon and is pages away from the release of her new book " Meditations for Mompreneurs"

Having trained in the Hospitality Industry as her first love, Louisea began her career in her native land then to the busy streets of New York but soon transitioned to the world of Management back home which inspired her to combine her passion for Business and social change
In 2014 she got married to the husband of her youth and became a mom in 2015 soon after a mom of two by 2017. Her passion grew beyond her control and forced her to resign from her Management position in a Top local Government Organization. 


Fast forward to Post Pandemic, Mrs John -Browne has now dedicated her efforts to helping other Mompreneurs to grow and to help their kids grow as she exposes both mom and child to see Agriculture in a whole new light. To see the beauty of Agriculture in their everyday lives.
Partnering with many other Organizations to cate a Sustainable Future in Agriculture through School programs, camps and other efforts is one of her main goals. To have her vision for Increase kids Agro World realized is her continued driving force.  She has experience from being in top level management extensive planning meetings. Having developed a Business plan and Sections of the Strategic Plan while operating in Government owned Organization she is able to effectively execute the same for the efforts she is now engaged in. Policy Development and Critical Thinking are all in her skill sets being utilized at present.

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1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111


24/7 Line: +1 202-643-0590

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