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NWIAA Arkansas Chair Leader

Kesha Cobb*

Mother, Minister, Motivational Speaker, Author, Philanthropist, Financial Empowerment Advocate, Entrepreneur and Human Rights Activist.

Inspiring everyone, empowering women, uplifting men.

Kesha Cobb was born in East St. Louis, Illinois, and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas. The middle born of triplets, she also has two sisters and a set of twin brothers. She became an entrepreneur in Dallas, Texas in 2002 where she owned a salon for more than 10 years. After launching a marketing company for small businesses, she developed a passion for establishing sustainable practices by way of urban agriculture and community development projects. She is now fulfilling that goal after founding a non-profit organization, The Sustainability Project. She is a USDA certified Urban Farmer and teaches others how to establish community gardens and urban farms to benefit low-income communities.

Home ownership for the less fortunate is also a passion of hers after being "at threat of homelessness" and then becoming a homeowner free and clear in 2017. Kesha now spearheads the 'Sustainable Home' movement as a project through the non-profit to help create more homeowners.

After receiving her BA in Entrepreneurial Studies, she is currently studying for her MBA in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Dedicated to promoting physical and mental health and wellness, and enjoys exploring her talents in singing, dancing, writing, painting and cooking. Her hobbies include gardening, vlogging, and exploring the beauty in nature. Her next big project? Looking forward to the release of her first books about overcoming abuse and her personal story of adoption and reconnecting broken chains. Fun facts: she is an HBCU Queen and in her spare time she is learning to play the guitar. She will always be dedicated to educating women and men about cervical cancer and other diseases that plague our communities and how to prevent them. After losing her triplet sister to the disease in September of 2017, she vows to help save others' lives in her sister's name with awareness about better food and lifestyle practices.

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1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111


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