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NWIAA Chapters

We are on a Mission

NWIAA has a National mission to have all 50 states chartered.  Therefore, we are providing the opportunity to sign up today to start or join a chapter in your area! Please follow the steps below if interested in chartering a chapter in your state or just to find out the benefits of joining the National Women in Agriculture Association. The video below are steps for establishing a chapter with NWIAA.


Prior to initiating our onboarding process, please watch the full introduction video. This ensures you are 100% prepared for a smooth onboarding experience. The onboarding itself should take no longer than 30 minutes once you have completed all the necessary requirements.

Interested In Becoming A Chapter Leader?

Apply today!

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Our Chapter Coordinator will be in touch with you with-in 7-business days!

NWIAA was founded in February 2008, by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele who is the founder and Director. The organization is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. NWIAA is an agriculture outreach organization fueled by sisterhood and diversity.  

Our vision is to provide vital opportunities for rural and urban communities to sustain themselves through agriculture. We have made it our mission to increase the number of minority participation in the agriculture sector. We believe if we equip our youth for tomorrow while engaging them today, we can increase the number of minority youth going into agricultural careers. NWIAA’s Grass Root innovative and sustainable at-risk-youth programs will build capacity within and at 1890 Land Grant Universities’ Motivate Education Achieve Program (“MEA”).

We also have partnerships with The USDA Programs and 1890 Land Grant Universities. There are 45 NWIAA Current & Pending Chapters.  This number includes sub Chapters within various states.

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NWIAA Africa Connection

The women of NWIAA had the pleasure of hosting two women from Africa Ms. Faith Nene from south Africa and Dr. Christine Mburugu-Mosoti from Kenya. They came to America through an Oklahoma State University exchange program.



While visiting, we partnered up on a project called the Empowering Aspiring Entrepreneurs for Economic Success program; a program that has a  broad aim to create professional collaborations and learning experiences between mid-level, emerging entrepreneurs from Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, and the United States. The two entrepreneurs developed this program as part of a two-way exchange program.  For more information about our project, please feel free to visit our website at


We plan to do some international outreach projects with these woman in the future.

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