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Sherri Johnson

Sherri Johnson is an Alabama born and raised entrepreneur with a family legacy of farming.  She is the President and CEO of Granny’s Foods and is know across the South for her famous Collard Greens, Granny’s Greens.  Sherri is very active in her community and an advocate for women and under privileged youth.  Sherri’s focus is making sure that every student and woman has the same opportunity in the areas of farming, livestock and agriculture and that they are privy to the resources available for the beginning farmers and women owned farms.

Coming from Henry County, Alabama, she attended Headland High School where she was active in 4-H. She also attended Troy University, Troy and Dothan Campuses, where she majored in Business Management.

Early in her life, her father played an intricate role by teaching her about livestock, planting and harvesting gardens and row crops. Her mother and grandmother also made sure that she gained knowledge of picking and canning vegetables.  Sherri gathered and sold pecans, also at an early age and became very familiar with the different species and taking pecans to market.


Being active in the Baptist church, Sherri Johnson is a leader in her church as well as in other civic organizations throughout the South.


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Corzetta “Cozy” Underwood

Corzetta “Cozy” Underwood

She's a wife, a mother of four adult children, grandmother of five and recent graduate of Oakwood University. She received my Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management in 2019. She have worked for my Alma Mater in various departments; however, She loved working with the Farms department the most. In 2019, she became the Manager of Oakwood Farms. She learned how to cultivate land, till the soil, transplant seedlings and harvest crops.

Under the leadership of Oakwood Farms’ Director, she was instrumental with establishing running water to the farm, installing a drip irrigation system, and constructing a wooden deck for triple washing our farm’s produce. This area has 3 sinks, 3 tub basins, and running water, it was given the name “The Sanitation Station”. She conducted an U-Pick in our Berry Orchard for the community, participated in various events within like “Huntsville’s Annual Graze Event” hosted by Alabama Sustainable Association Network. She also participated in the "Green Plate Day" sponsored by Breath of Life & OU Church, where award-winning actress and vegan advocate, Kimberly Elise, was recognized for her championing efforts in promoting a vegan lifestyle.


In 2020, she landed a position as the Community Coordinator for Oakwood Farms, Oakwood Farms Market, and the Oaktree Bistro. She have collaborated with other departments of the University for a charitable fundraising event called “Men in Pink” for Breast Cancer Research and assisted with coordinating setup for the "Mobile Farmers Market Bus" with Healthy Campus 20/20. She managed the Oakwood Farmers Market during the 2020 May-October season. Her upcoming projects are to build a community garden in 2021 and implement her “Field of Opportunity” Curriculum, that will serve as a training module for beginner farmers in North Alabama by April 2022.

Dr. Debbie Bryant


          Dr. Debbie Bryant is an Apostle and the wife of Bishop Roger Bryant and Founder of Harvest Tyme Food Ministries, Belle BBQ Corporation and Harvest Tyme TV& Radio Network.  From 1996, these businesses were established, owned and operated by minority Veterans.  Dr. Debbie Oliver Bryant who is a disadvantaged female farmer and has 42 years of traditional farming. Dr. Bryant who grew up in a household where early in her life, her parents, auntie, uncle, and cousin made a great impact in her life as a farmer which caused her to continue as a farmer. Dr Debbie Bryant family is Cherokee and black American that migrate to Alabama in Montgomery, Lowndes and Pike Counties area. Dr Debbie Bryant has served as an advocacy for families and children in the welfare and mental health systems with the ACLU, and The Southern Poverty Law Center assisting as advocate for farmers. A Certify Community Master Trainer with 14 certifications in training for staff and leaders from Pearson Learning.  Apostle Dr. Bryant has a BA in Mediation & Advocacy, Mediation & Advocacy Diploma in Computerized office Technology-PHD in Theology, Doctor of Divinity -Pastoral Counselor license. Apostle Dr. Bryant has Coordinated and planned various extracurricular for "at risk" youth & their families, she has developed and Implemented: Teen Farm Summit for youth & families in the welfare & mental health systems, Summer Farm Programs for at-risk youth  with 4H and county Extension Services* Harvest Tyme Network Tv & Radio *App develop to help farmers sale their product*Temporary Crisis Housing program * Youth Farmers and Recreation program for families and youth with disabilities, Assistance in the welfare & mental health systems as an advocate and a mediator in the court systems. Membership: Phi Beta Lambda Sorority (PBL), National Association for the Advancement of colored People ( NAACP), American Legion  Auxiliary Unit 2019 District and unit President, Women Food & AG Network (WFAN), Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN), Farmers Veteran Coalition, Vietnam Veteran  of American, and The Kiwanis  International.