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Andyana Lopez, It all started with her indigenous roots. After visiting family in Nicaragua, and Peru, she grew a fascination with the beauty and healing powers of plants, trees, and flora from tropical climates. She then joined the Delaware Nature Society as a teacher naturalist. She was inspired by learning that this thriving, wildlife refuge was once an industrial wasteland 23 years ago! That’s the power of nature and humanity working together. Her never ending curiosity led her to herbalism, aromatherapy, holistic healing, her beloved partner, and the land of enchantment, New Mexico. They are determined more than ever to turn the desert into an oasis, and make environmental conservation illuminating, fruitful, creative, and fun!

Andyana Lopez

Contact Email: (302) 358-6469

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Gabrielle Johnson

Gabrielle Elena Johnson

(International): 011 52 6644 093296

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION: The Alliances of Veterans and Families Services (AVFS) Inc. is a 501(3)c non-profit organization registered in the State of Florida.

The President of the AVFS Inc. is Gabrielle E. Johnson:


• Present  Northcentral University, Masters in Psychology Health, estimated graduation 11/2022

● A.S., B.S., Nursing, Hahnneman University, 1992

● Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, 1985

● Research Nurse Coordinator, 1993 BPH Study, Department of

Veterans Affairs

● Multi-lingual: English, Spanish, Yoruba

Professional Experience:

● President, South Carolina Hemp Solutions, LLC, 2019 - present

(South Carolina Hemp Growth License, 2019 – 2020)

● Founder of Alianza Mundial de Pueblos Originarios y Veteranos, A.C., BC Mexico, 2020

● Entrepreneur: CEO, Airmed-Canna, LLC, 2018 - present , Airmed-Canna, Mexico, 2020

● Founder, President of Alliances of Veterans and Families

Services, Inc., 501 c 3, 2016 – present

● NATCI, member 2021, Doctor of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, 2022

Broker International, 2016 – present.

● Member, International Women’s Leadership Association, 2014 ● Entrepreneur: CEO, Symphony of Taste, Inc., 2012 - present ● Author: Looking Through Mirrors of My Life, 2011

● Life Coach, 1990 - present

MISSION: AVFS Inc. mission is to assist military veterans and their families to achieve a sustainable transition to civilian and community life by eliminating veteran homelessness, providing training\education for self-empowerment, and maintaining good health and well-being. To achieve its mission AVFS, Inc. incorporates into its overall strategy agricultural and science- based activities to hire and train veterans as well as to identify and provide alternative treatments for veterans and civilians with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

STRATEGIC PLAN: AVFS Inc. strategic plan incorporates agriculture and science projects to assist veterans to transition to civilian and community life by eliminating veteran homelessness, providing training\education\jobs for self-empowerment, and maintaining good health and well- being. Therefore, AVFS Inc. will hire, train, educate, and treat as many veterans as possible within each of its long-term projects which include:

Project 1: “Applying Nanotechnology for Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis (Hemp\Cannabis) Growth and Processing with Enhanced Crop Production and Qualtiy”

Project 2: “Targeted Personal Alternative Therapies for PTSD”

Project 3: “Active Duty Environmental Exposures and PTSD”

Contact Email: (619) 372-3059

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