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NWIAA Nevada Chapter Leader

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Alaric Overvey*
Phone: (725) 275-4555 
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Mitchell Bryant
Phone: (702) 630-1059 

Alaric Overbey is the Co-Founder and visionary of Greensideup Farm.  His background is in data center optimization and cloud and backup systems. In 2015 while living in Dallas he experienced his first food desert. Since then, he has worked to develop a solution for food security in marginalized communities.  He has worked to create an economic solution by using vertical farming as the foundation. To date, Alaric has pushed the envelope in this space and has been a speaker at the Indoor Ag-Conference twice, Earth Day Texas, and organized the first Food Desert tour. Green Side Up has now taken over a 49,000 sq. Foot grocery store on the Historic West Side of Las Vegas. They are installing an entire vertical farm in the grocery store consisting of five Freight Farms, 40 tower gardens, 10 radices and 2 Babylon Farms. Making this the first grocery store of its kind in the world.

Mitchell Bryant Co-Founder of Nonprofit Organization Youth Outdoor Unity (YOU!) established in Houston, Texas, and CEO of GreenSideUp established in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Mitchell Bryant saw a need for change 25 years ago in his own community for Innovative learning within STEAM learning. His youth organization opened its doors in 1996 in Houston, Texas which serves under-represented, inner-city communities with outdoor outreach opportunities for youths and their families.  Their enrollment focus is on students who are physically/mentally challenged, low-income, living in female-headed households, and experiencing homelessness. 

Their Innovative educational environmental and outdoor activities build and increase cooperative learning while engaging the youths in critical thinking and making it a fun process. This opportunity has allowed him to install a vertical farming system inside a grocery store and small restaurants which answers food insecurity, which inspired him to graduate from Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary, he is now know in the industry as “ChefMitchEarl”.

He has discovered that Innovative environmental education and increased outdoor activity using STEAM projects has contributed to academic achievement in reading, writing, science, and social studies.  Their programs foster youth physical fitness and youth leadership development, which increases the possibility of Turning the Art of Living into Lifestyles. 

He has added 3 new projects to their program, Innovative STEAM Learning Program, The Youth of Texas/Youth of Nevada and GreenSideUp (Indoor Agriculture). "Our achievements," says Bryant, do not come easily”. We spend 85% of our time asking for youth participation, not your money. Please, tell every child you know about us! Eventually, others will join as our goal is to reach out to our youth, your youth, their youth, and youth in general, by your example. Please Help US, Help YOU! HELP THEM!" 

“I am looking forward to joining Dr. Tammy Steele and NWIAA in our quest together to serve our communities as one united force.”

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