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NWIAA Puerto Rico Chapter Leader

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Gabrielle Johnson*

Gabrielle Elena Johnson -

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION: The Alliances of Veterans and Families Services (AVFS) Inc. is a 501(3)c non-profit organization registered in the State of Florida.

The President of the AVFS Inc. is Gabrielle E. Johnson:


• Present  Northcentral University, Masters in Psychology Health, estimated graduation 11/2022

● A.S., B.S., Nursing, Hahnneman University, 1992

● Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor, 1985

● Research Nurse Coordinator, 1993 BPH Study, Department of

Veterans Affairs

● Multi-lingual: English, Spanish, Yoruba

Professional Experience:

● President, South Carolina Hemp Solutions, LLC, 2019 - present

(South Carolina Hemp Growth License, 2019 – 2020)

● Founder of Alianza Mundial de Pueblos Originarios y Veteranos, A.C., BC Mexico, 2020

● Entrepreneur: CEO, Airmed-Canna, LLC, 2018 - present , Airmed-Canna, Mexico, 2020

● Founder, President of Alliances of Veterans and Families

Services, Inc., 501 c 3, 2016 – present

● NATCI, member 2021, Doctor of Traditional and Alternative Medicine, 2022

Broker International, 2016 – present.

● Member, International Women’s Leadership Association, 2014 ● Entrepreneur: CEO, Symphony of Taste, Inc., 2012 - present ● Author: Looking Through Mirrors of My Life, 2011

● Life Coach, 1990 - present

MISSION: AVFS Inc. mission is to assist military veterans and their families to achieve a sustainable transition to civilian and community life by eliminating veteran homelessness, providing training\education for self-empowerment, and maintaining good health and well-being. To achieve its mission AVFS, Inc. incorporates into its overall strategy agricultural and science- based activities to hire and train veterans as well as to identify and provide alternative treatments for veterans and civilians with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

STRATEGIC PLAN: AVFS Inc. strategic plan incorporates agriculture and science projects to assist veterans to transition to civilian and community life by eliminating veteran homelessness, providing training\education\jobs for self-empowerment, and maintaining good health and well- being. Therefore, AVFS Inc. will hire, train, educate, and treat as many veterans as possible within each of its long-term projects which include:

Project 1: “Applying Nanotechnology for Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Industrial Hemp and Medicinal Cannabis (Hemp\Cannabis) Growth and Processing with Enhanced Crop Production and Qualtiy”

Project 2: “Targeted Personal Alternative Therapies for PTSD”

Project 3: “Active Duty Environmental Exposures and PTSD”

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1701 N. Martin Luther King Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73111


24/7 Line: +1 202-643-0590

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