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NWIAA Africa Chair Leader

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Emmanuel Opde

Emmanuel Opde is a community leader and youth mentor who is passionate about women and youth empowerment through Agriculture, he believes Agriculture is the antidote to poverty reduction in rural communities in Africa.
He started the Centre for Behavioural Change and Public Enlightenment, a non-profit organization in 2007 and incorporated it in Nigeria, Africa on April 1, 2021, for the empowerment of youth and women in underserved communities
Enmanuel Opde started farming early in childhood, at age 9, assisting his family in cassava and palm cultivation, processing, and marketing. His early years were spent working on their family cassava and palm plantations in the Akpororo-Sogho Community. Emmanuel Opde had an interest in Agriculture and has since been in farming until he met Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele during the 6th US-Africa Business and Policy Forum on June 24, 2021, where the African Chapter of the National National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA) was initiated and incorporated on August 2, 2022, with the name: Tammys International Women in Agriculture Empowerment Association(TIWAEA ) with over 20 chapters across Africa. He graduated top of the class with Upper Credit Division, Diploma in Legal Studies, Rivers State Polytechnic (Now Ken Beeson Saro Wiwa Polytechnic) Bori. Mr. Emmanuel Opde also graduated top of the class for his Bachelor of Science degree with Honours (Second Class Upper Division) in Psychology from the University of Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. Mr. Emmanuel Opde was a recipient of the Federal Government of Nigeria Undergraduate Excellence Scholarship Award by the Federal Scholarship Board (2016-2019). Emmanuel Opde previously served in various leadership capacities, such as his meritorious services as Assistant Director of Project, Impact Leaders Club, University of Uyo (2017-2018), Youth President, Methodist Church Nigeria, Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt. (2007-2013), Advisor and Chairman Constitution Review Committee, Nigerian Association of Psychology Students 2019- till date. He is a Researcher, Entrepreneur, gifted Writer, Grassroots Mobilizer, and Community
Leader with a strong passion for youth and women empowerment.
Mr. Emmanuel Opde attended many conferences, workshops, and Seminars such as the Capacity Building Workshop organized by Rivers State Ministry of Youth Development for Youth NGOs/Organizations in 2011, the Scientific Session of the 2019 Nigerian Psychological Association(NPA) Congress in Uyo 2019
The 15th Anniversary of the National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA ) in Oklahoma City, USA (February 2023) with an award of excellence in Leadership as Africa Chapter Leader of NWIAA. He was given a special recognition, an award for his contributions to Mental Health in
Nigeria by the Nigerian Association of Psychology Students in 2021.
Emmanuel Opde has a certificate in conflict management: As Critical Success Factors For Youth Organizations, Management and Leadership: Leading a Team, Impact Leadership Course and many others.
He has taken his Social and Behavioural Change Advocacy; Such as Campaigns against Mental illnesses, Drug Abuse, Gender-Based Violence, and Suicide Prevention, youth and women empowerment to several Radio and Television Stations, featuring on different programs such as: Let’s Talk about It, Feminine Fancy” on Federal Radio Cooperation of Nigeria; Treasure 98.5FM, Mind, Body and Soul on Nigeria Info 92.3 FM, Radio Rivers 99.1FM, Rythm 93.7FM, You and your health on Atlantic Television Network in Port
Harcourt, Rivers State, and Sharing Life Issues on Inspiration FM 105.9, Well-being on SpectrumTV in Uyo Akwa Ibom Stat—
Mr. Emmanuel Opde also took the following and other roles in different organizations: Litigation Officer, Anoakule Chambers (2007-2015) Logistics Officer (Undergraduate Intern) Multidigital Nigeria Limited (2018) Sales Manager, De Prince Collections (2007-2008), etc.

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Jacqueline Joyreen Banda
Phone: 265996543250

Mangochi, Malawi


Jacqueline Joyreen Banda, Malawi chapter leader Tiwaea, is a Bachelor holder of Business Administration from APG Shimla University in India founded Jeyie Foods in 2019 to add value to agriculture by processing chili sauce, peanut butter, and porridge flour. 


She helped her malnourished cousin regain health using her peanut butter, leading to the establishment of the Jeyie Foods Community Project. The project has supported 317 children and 119 pregnant women since July 2021, and is currently working with 216 women and 128 youth. Jacqueline introduced Village Savings and Loans (VSL) in December 2021, resulting in 10 VSL groups saving $4750 in 2022.

The project encourages women to have backyard gardens for holistic health and productivity.

Jacqueline iMAGE_edited.jpg
IMG-20240328-WA0012 (1)_edited.png
Patience Worlali Kpeda
Phone: 233543435294

Ghana, Accra

I am Patience Worlali Kpeda, serving as the Chief Technical Officer at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. My academic background includes a degree in Agriculture Extension, a Diploma in Sustainable Gardening, and completion of a Mastercard course on Climate Smart Agriculture. I am honored to have received the Bronze Award from Dr. Renuka in the Global Sustainability Futures. As a member of C.A.S.T.N.E.T and African Women in Beekeeping,The Ghanaian chapter for TIWAEA-AFRICA I am deeply involved in initiatives promoting sustainable agriculture and women's empowerment. I founded the Post-Harvest Women Foundation, driven by my passion for both agriculture and women's advancement. Throughout my career, I have cultivated strong communication skills, embraced volunteerism, and maintained unwavering focus, enabling me to excel in diverse aspects of my field. I have taken on leadership roles in various projects, demonstrating my ability to oversee initiatives from inception to fruition. My overarching goal is to spearhead Climate Change initiatives on a continental scale, addressing agricultural challenges within my country and beyond. I am dedicated to empowering women's organizations through initiatives such as organic gardening and climate-smart agricultural education. Committed to going above and beyond for farmers, I firmly believe in the transformative potential of female leadership in fostering positive change. For me, agriculture is not just a profession—it is a passion, and food is the essence of agriculture.

Elizabeth (Betty) Ariyo Olaitan Edo
Phone: 2349010649740 

Tate Ikpobal Okha,

Elizabeth Ariyo is an agribusiness owner, farmer, and provider of agricultural services who is passionate about encouraging sustainable agriculture in Nigeria, particularly among young people and women.She is the CEO of Betsyde Nigeria Limited and possesses exceptional communication, empathy, and leadership abilities. She coordinates the Edo State branch for Tammy's International Women in Agriculture Empowerment Association (TIWAEA) Nigeria and acts as the organization's deputy to the executive director. Elizabeth feels that every farmer should grow not just nutritious produce but also themselves—financially, emotionally, and commercially. 

She believes women play a major role in agriculture hence the reason she is actively involved in training women to adopting agriculture as a business, making impact in their community by exploring new innovative technology and also creating job opportunities for youths by training them on value addiction through processing of agricultural produce.

Elizabeth ARIYO
Agriculture Service provider
Betsyde Nigeria Limited


West Owerri,


Imelda Theophilus, a skilled facilitator and farmer, empowers rural women through sustainable agriculture and vocational training. Her initiatives promote economic independence and community development, inspiring others to embrace innovation and environmental stewardship. Imelda's dedication leaves a profound impact, transforming rural landscapes and empowering women for lasting change.

Imelda Theophilus Imo
Phone: 2348160287474 
 Ifeoma Ugwumba Uchechi
Phone: 2347065981639 

Benue, Makurdi

Obtain her HND in electrical electronic engineering at the rivers state
polytechnic bori, Rivers Nigeria. Member Nigeria association of technologist in
engineering, (MNATE), registered engineer with COREN and also member
Nigerian institution of power engineers (MNIPE) she lives in Makurdi, Benue
State. Presently working in the power industry, she is very passionate about
Agriculture and Women matters; she is into farming of a number of
agricultural cash crops including Rice, Egusi and Cassava.
She presently owns and managers a farm in benue state Nigeria.
She is passionate about empowerment of the girl child primarily through
education, and empowerment of the woman primarily through agriculture I
have also assisted a number of women to kick start their agro-businesses
albeit on very small scales due to the paucity of funds.

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Caroline Wanjiru Moko
Phone: 254728624386 

Kenya, Nairobi

Caroline is a finance expert deeply committed to advancing sustainable agricultural practices in agroecology. She is also a Youth Agri Champion at the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens whereby she actively advocates about the importance of adopting Climate Adaptation strategies which are key in combating the adverse effects of climate change. 

She also heads the Gender and women inclusion department at Silo Africa whose main mission is to transform grain storage in Africa to eliminate post-harvest losses using digitized grain silos, and ensure the food reaches where it's needed most through our Smart Ag Logistics platform. 

Drawing on her expertise in Agroecology, Carol applies her knowledge to support and implement climate-smart agricultural practices aimed at climate adaptation in farming communities in her locality. 

She has actively engaged with local women’s groups, schools, and the wider community to promote and establish organic kitchen gardens, emphasizing the importance of environmentally friendly farming techniques. 

Through her dedicated efforts, Carol not only encourages the adoption of organic practices but also educates and empowers women in her community to become self-sufficient in food production for better livelihoods while mitigating environmental impacts. 

Carol believes that safe food is a fundamental human right. Every human being has a right to good clean fair food.

Her work exemplifies a fusion of financial acumen with a strong commitment to agroecology, fostering resilience and sustainability in farming practices for a more environmentally conscious future.

Silva Stella Nneamaka

Lagos State Chapter 

Bsc Public Administration(LASU) Lagos State University

Advance Diploma in Shipping Ports Administration and Management ( University of Lagos)

Associate of the Chartered Institute of Shipping Nigeria

Certificate in Public Administration (CPA). LAGOS state Chapter co-ordinnator 

Presently, we own and manage our farms from different fields of agriculture, namely fish farming, chicken breeding, and native goats. We provide other farms with brood stock needed for fish farming, which is a rear commodity because it's capital intensive due to the long maturity age.

We have been in the business of providing brood stock since 2007, and this has helped other fish farmers to get their business running.

Ugah Adaku Agatha

Delta State Chapter


Ugah Adaku Agatha is a passionate farmer who delights in raising poultry using d prevailing technologies and ensuring a more healthy birds. While her focus is on raising organic/ healthy birds, she also provides services for families needing cakes and confectioneries for diverse celebrations.


Adaku knows that there is no single approach towards achieving healthy organic birds devoid of antibiotics, hence she is a consumate researcher on emerging solutions to raise birds/poultry using herbs & nanotechnology/green synthesis. Her experience in multiple herbs allows her to provide the most comprehensive program that works for her farm.


She received her education at Joseph Sarwuan Tarka University, Makurdi (formerly Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi) with a Masters in Home Science and Management. Additionally, she holds a bachelor's degree in Home Science Nutrition and Dietetics from University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN). She's an avid researcher, and her work has appeared in IOSR Journal of Research and Method in Education (Vol. 8, Issue 5, ver 4 Sept - Oct. 2018) and some other nationally recognized scientific journals.


Adaku currently runs a poultry farm in Asaba, where she lives with her husband and children.

Okezie, Chinwe Esther

Port Harcourt Rivers Chapter


Okezie, Chinwe Esther is the Coordinator National Women in Agriculture
Association/Tammys International Women in Agriculture Empowerment Association Rivers State, Port Harcourt, Nigeria-Africa.
Okezie, Chinwe Esther is very passionate about raising Children to become useful to Society; this she has been doing for the past 29 years as a Professional Teacher at the Staff Nursery and primary school, Federal Government College, Rumuokoro, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, and through her various leadership positions within and outside the Methodist Church. Nigeria where she serves currently as a Senior Church Steward at MCN Rumuigbo, Port Harcourt having been awarded the prestigious title of "Ezinne" meaning: "Good Mother" by
the Methodist Church Nigeria, Diocese of Port Harcourt.

She owns Chester Agency, She also owns a Fish Farm that has been in existence for eight (8) years, she dries and distributes fish to people within and outside the state as well as overseas. Her hope is to expand the Fish Farm and venture into other areas of Agriculture in order to create job opportunities for the young people in the state and to assist the less privileged.

Mrs. Titilayo Adegbuji

Ogun State Chapter


Mrs Titilayo Adegbuji is a dedicated figure in the agricultural sector. As a leading advocate for women's development, she has played a significant role in promoting and empowering women in agriculture within the region.


She developed a passion for agriculture from a young age and now skilled in animal husbandry (poultry, fish and ruminants) with over 20 years of experience 


With several trainings in Agriculture, Her dedication and hard work led her to various leadership positions in the agricultural sector, including being the coordinator of the Ogun State chapter of Tammy's International Women in Agriculture

Empowerment Association which she joined in 2021

 where she has been instrumental in driving the organization's mission to empower women in agriculture. 


In her personal life, she is a devoted wife, mother and Christian, often balancing her responsibilities. She is an inspiration to many, both within the organization and beyond, and continues to work tirelessly to create a better future for women in agriculture in Ogun State and beyond..

Anyin Edet

BOCO, Anyin Edet is the Chapter Coordinator, National Women in Agriculture Association/Tammy's International Women in Agriculture Empowerment Association, Cross River State, Nigeria-Africa.



Cross River State. 

Calabar Municipality. 

Obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing from Obafemi Awolowo University (2000). 


She is the current President of Cross River State Federated Fadama Community Association (CRSFFCA) which was created by the World Bank in 2017. She is also the cofounder of Global Farmers Foundation which specializes in Mushroom and fish Farming as well as Vegetable farming, three(3) years running. She also facilitates consultations with community based farmers across the 18 LGAs of the State. 


She coordinates farmers to gain access to soft loans like Moni Market and Easy Market as well as link farmer’s up with Agricultural Extension and Desk Officers for immediate Farm attention. 


She has sufficient training in;

-Market II Development in Fish Farming, Processing and Marketing. 

-Entrepreneur Development and Management. 

-Agri-Business and Agricultural Best Practices and Group Dynamics (FADAMA). 

Nigerian Agricultural Enterprise Curriculum on Agricultural Value Chain (USAID). 

-Entrepreneurship Development and Management ( EDC). 


Currently, she is in collaboration with community based farmers on a project tagged”school on wheels” which aims to integrate practical agricultural practices to classroom teachings. 


Her interest include but are not limited to; mechanization and best practices application and adoption in all Agricultural sectors for the assurance of food security and sustainability in the State. 

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