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NWIAA Texas Chair Leader

Kay Bell - Waco
Email:  Phone: (254) 227-2488

​Kay Bell was born in Jacksonville, Texas where she was raised on a farm with her parents and siblings.  Farming was something Kay did not have in her mind to do when she was preparing for her future.  However, the need to live a healthier and more sustainable life motivated Kay to catch on to her roots of farming.  Kay now resides in Waco, Texas.


Kay is a member of the community Race Relation Coalition, an organization that brings diverse races together while breaking down racism.  In 2013 Kay founded the Global Revive Organization.  This organization promotes the building of Kid’s Gardens throughout the city and the teaching of natural holistic health.  In 2014 founded a new Farmer’s Market at the Waco Richland Mall, which goes from June to September.  Kay is a certified herbalist, a certified doula, and a teaologist.  She is the owner of Passion Garden, where she sells herbal teas from her herbs, which are grown, in her gardens.  Kay’s Passion Garden vegetables and teas are sold at the year round Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market and her teas or in a local Health Store.

Kay is a graduate of Paul Quinn College, in Dallas, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Science.  She currently teaches six-grade science in Waco, Texas

Nadiyah Phelps - Houston*
Phone: 832-889-8799

Nadiyah Phelps stands as a beacon of inspiration in the realm of gardening and sustainability. Her journey from being a self-taught gardener to a Certified Master Gardener and a Houston, Texas Chapter Leader in National Women In Agriculture Association is truly inspiring. Through her dedication and perseverance, she has not only honed her own gardening skills but also shared her knowledge and passion with her community.


As the founder of Serenity Roots, Nadiyah is committed to promoting the importance of reconnecting with nature and embracing a permaculture lifestyle. Her organization aims to empower individuals and communities to reclaim control of their food sources, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future. By providing education and raising awareness, Serenity Roots strives to foster a deeper connection between people and the environment while promoting a holistic, physical and mental well-being.


Nadiyah's journey exemplifies the transformative power of gardening and the profound impact it can have on individuals and communities. Her advocacy for a "grow your own" lifestyle not only cultivates lush gardens but also cultivates a deeper sense of connection, resilience, and vitality within communities for future generations.


Nadiyah's story serves as a testament to the potential for positive change that lies within each of us when we embrace the principles of sustainability, empower the community and sow the seed for the future.

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