Texas NWIAA Chairwomen

Chapter Leader

Kay Bell





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Kay Bell was born in Jacksonville, Texas where she was raised on a farm with her parents and siblings.  Farming was something Kay did not have in her mind to do when she was preparing for her future.  However, the need to live a healthier and more sustainable life motivated Kay to catch on to her roots of farming.  Kay now resides in Waco, Texas.


Kay is a member of the community Race Relation Coalition, an organization that brings diverse races together while breaking down racism.  In 2013 Kay founded the Global Revive Organization.  This organization promotes the building of Kid’s Gardens throughout the city and the teaching of natural holistic health.  In 2014 founded a new Farmer’s Market at the Waco Richland Mall, which goes from June to September.  Kay is a certified herbalist, a certified doula, and a teaologist.  She is the owner of Passion Garden, where she sells herbal teas from her herbs, which are grown, in her gardens.  Kay’s Passion Garden vegetables and teas are sold at the year round Waco Downtown Farmer’s Market and her teas or in a local Health Store.

Kay is a graduate of Paul Quinn College, in Dallas, Texas with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Science.  She currently teaches six-grade science in Waco, Texas

Liberty/Angleton NWIAA

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Chapter Leader

Dianne Brown

Dianne Brown, wife, mother and grandmother. I work for the City of Houston. I am a Funeral Director and Embalmer I manage the family Funeral Home. On the Board of Directors of Landowners Association of Texas. I have the kids in the community growing an organic garden. My husband and I run a cow/calf ranch. I enjoy horses and sewing.




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Chapter Leader

Deydra Steans




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Texas Chapter Leader

Deydra Steans, a certified Texas educator (Special Education, Generalist, Health, Physical Fitness) and trained in Dyslexia Intervention.  She transitioned from the classroom to working full time providing technical assistance across the country and overseeing a couple livestock operations. Deydra serves as a trustee and fiduciary where she is responsible for security and management of over $3M in assets.  Deydra is the CEO and owner of Black Gold Resourcing, LLC, a business she started in 2018 to address the information gaps, low program participation, access to FSA programs and need for technical assistance in her local community.  Currently, Deydra and Black Gold Resourcing have over 20 FSA-211 USDA Power of Attorney’s on file, which enable the oversight and effective program management for it’s subscribed producers.  Efforts are focused on socially disadvantaged producers and beginning farmers; Within those populations are women, youth and veterans.  Black Gold Resourcing, LLC boasts collaborative support with the likes of The National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT).  ATTRA’s Soil for Water & NCAT’s sustainable agriculture specialists host workshops with Black Gold Resourcing in Texas focused on soil testing methods, rotational grazing, cover crops and other regenerative practices.  Originally, NCAT reached out to the grassroots company seeking to increase historically underserved workshop attendance for it’s 2019 events.  The first workshop had over 40 attendees which were a mix of women & men, varied crop/ livestock operation types and a racially diverse audience. LaCrosse Seeds traveled to the collaborative workshop from Mississippi and was on-hand to share results of cover cropping as a sustainable practice implored in the delta and the midwest, where heavily tilled farmlands and loads of fertilizers and herbicides had caused the areas to experience massive soil erosion and polluted waters with traces of fam-use chemicals.  Deydra is the only minority, woman owned LaCrosse Seed distributor in Texas, operating as Private Treaty Naturals, the retail component of this diverse agriculture agency.  The great-grand-daughter of sharecroppers, Deydra has a natural ‘knack’ for animal husbandry and uses a common sense approach to farm & land management.  With her father & uncle, Deydra helps to manage almost 300 acres and 120 head on their cow-calf operations.  She knows and has a relatable experience to many historically underserved producers, especially in the racially-tense areas of central and south Texas where her efforts are focused.  Deydra is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington where she attended on a full volleyball scholarship and graduated with a B.A. in Criminology & Criminal Justice with a double minor in English and Sociology.  She began another educational quest at Texas A&M University School of Law (2019, San Antonio) where she is completing a Master of Jurisprudence in Business Law. Naturally, she concentrates in areas of law that will be helpful for the historically underserved populations in the agriculture industry.  Areas of impact and focus include 1) heir property rights and land retention, 2) policy and access, 3) how to obtain a farm number and 4) FSA County Committee elections for diversity.  In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 impacted her ability to attend classes in person and it also demanded that she focus on the outreach efforts for CFAP 1 and 2, as well as concurrent FSA programs related to drought and natural disasters.  Her outreach has increased exponentially and she has completed a 3 year case-study on her first-hand experiences of doing FSA outreach in Central & South Texas.  Deydra hopes to continue in this capacity and expand to a wider audience of diverse producers in less-tended areas of the country.