Sarah Harris


My full name is Sarah Renee Harris and I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where I grew up a very spontaneous, adventurous, and curious child. I am currently enrolled as a junior at Langston University majoring in Agribusiness with hopes of completing my bachelor’s degree in the Spring of 2022. My educational inspirations consist of acquiring my bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness that would help aid me in pursuing a spot in a graduate degree program. My activities outside of class include serving as the Youth & College secretary for NAACP on the national level and the chapter level for Langston University’s chapter. I record and take note of everything related to the NAACP, for example, I type agendas for every meeting held. I am a new employee with the agricultural department of Langston University where I record research data on Microsoft excel. Also, in my free time, I run a small business online selling personal health and beauty products. My overall career vision is to one day have my own Farm & create a Farmer’s market that will distribute organic goods and services to consumers. I also see myself starting my own non-profit organization that will play a huge role in helping low-income households.