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Jean Flynn Ray’s mother was both the daughter of a farmer and a Colorado State Legislator. Ray’s own educational background is in education. So, her affinity for the mission of NWiAA is apparent. Because Ray grew up in a household where service to others was a mainstay, she has spent most of her adult life serving those who are underprivileged through her employment and volunteerism on various boards and commissions. While working at a food bank in south metro Denver, Ray gained a deeper understanding of the plight of the unemployed and underemployed to provide appropriate, essential nutrition to ensure that their families thrive. This guides her continued public service involvement. Ray is currently the chair of the Pueblo Human Relations Commission, a position appointed by both the City and County of Pueblo, Colorado. This Commission seeks to deepen the understanding of Pueblo’s marginalized groups and lift them up to live safer and healthier lives. Over 40% of Pueblo County’s population is Latinx. Pueblo also has a dramatically higher than average percentage of residents below the poverty line when compared to the rest of Colorado. One in 4 Puebloans live in poverty. Pueblo, Colorado has a longstanding history as an agricultural community.

Jean Ray

Ray’s current employment is with the City of Sheridan, Colorado, a small, deprived, Denver metro suburb. Sheridan has a slightly higher poverty rate than Pueblo and somewhat lower number of Latinx residents. Over the last two years, Ray has worked with individuals and neighborhood groups to raise money for two separate food distribution centers in Sheridan. Ray’s vantage of having connections with, and a comprehension of, two needy Colorado communities offers her a unique opportunity to expand the NWIAA mission.

Contact Email: (720) 401-3417


David Gwen

DAVID GWIN, At the age of three years old, I was awarded to the court and was in foster care until the age of 3, in Vinita, Oklahoma. This is where I would learn and grow into my passion for farming and ranching. In Junior and  high school I was a football star. I really wanted to be in FFA and champion bull rider, however it saddens me  to remember when I was told by a teacher I wasn't allowed to sign up for this class. I was emancipated in 1977 at the age of seventeen, then relocated to Lakewood Colorado to live on my own . I enjoy anything  outdoors, travel and family. My calling and community service is reintegration for adult and youth prison ministry programs  .


 I currently reside in Lafayette, Colorado. Now at the age of 62, I am returning to Craig county. As Director of Operation and a major stockholder of Aquaponic Farms Inc. I will fulfill my lifelong  dream of a family farm.


I am a member and/or manager of:  AJ ENTERPRISES LLC, Monetary Marketing Consultants LLC, A-1 Procurement LLC, and  Organic Farms Land LLC). I have over 36 years of business management, private equity finance and real estate investing & developing consulting. I studied Business Management,Sales & Marketing  at The University of Arizona in Tucson Arizona, Mesa and  Metropolitan State Colleges in Colorado.


Now that I am returning to a community that has died. It's my mission  to partner with local churches, city and county municipal governments  , to restore the legend  Attuck black  community , bring jobs, innovation, home ownership, organic  nutritional awareness community garden , community center , assisted living ,child care learning center , summer & after school programs , food bank - rental  & utility assist , and emergency foster care . With holistic faith  values to our youth in Craig Country as well around the world .

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