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Nina Womack

Nina Womack, is an award-winning actress, filmmaker & event producer who founded Transmedia 360 LLC, a multimedia and branding agency specializing in edu-tainment. The artist-activist-health advocate is a Member of Parliament of the State of

the African Diaspora (SOAD), a global governmental group focused on impact
development for Africa and the African diaspora where she leads the newly formed
SOAD Global Food Bank working with other MPs around the world to provide food
donations to communities of color and the underserved in their jurisdictions.

A third generation South Los Angeles native, Nina began her professional entertainment career at 4 years old as a young, gifted actress and print model who trained and performed at the acclaimed Inner City Cultural Center, Chip Fields Repertory Company, modeled in catalogues, and appeared on several network TV shows. At 19, Nina married her high school sweetheart, son of the late Motown singer, Mary Wells and nephew to
musical legend, Bobby Womack. She graduated Cum Laude from Los Angeles City College with a degree in Theater and furthered her studies in the arts, public relations & African American history at Cal State Northridge. The creative storyteller directs and produces stage plays, film, music videos, documentaries, commercials and events. Additionally, Ms. Womack has been a Marketing Director for a mortgage company,

Director of Development for several non-profits and worked in advertising at a division of the Publicis Group.

Since 1998, Nina has helped coordinate large events such as; the African Marketplace & Cultural Faire, the Kingdom Day Freedom Festival following the Parade, the Malcolm X Festival, the Leimert Park Book Fair, the Long Beach Jazz Festival, and the Inner City Mini Marathon & Health Fair. Annually, she produces her own
wellness fairs such as; the Healthy Earth Fest, Each Mind Matters in Leimert and Memorial Day Mindfulness Fest.
In 2019, the Activist became a Board Member of the North Area Neighborhood Development Council (NANDC) where she interacts with elected officials, developers and stakeholders to improve the quality of life in communities within the Neighborhood Development Council boundaries. She is also part of a Working Group for the L.A. Good Food Policy Council to ensure that everyone has access to healthy food. 

Contact Email: (323) 371-6323

Northern CA Chairperson

Jassmine Stancliff, 

Is a 42 year old mother of two amazing young men and two loving dogs. She was born in a small town in Northern California and jokingly say that she was raised by goats! Her parents did the best they could from what they came from. Compassion, forgiveness and understanding how difficult the journey of life can be has set her free from the burden of resentment. One of the hardest parts about loving someone is accepting them as they are and loving them even when we don't agree with some of their choices. A major aspect of personal responsibility and relationships that she has learned is that while someone's choices, words or behavior may trigger negative emotions in me at first, it's up to her how she continues to feel about it and react to it. Like a muscle interpersonal and intrapersonal skills become stronger when exercised! At the same time, She doesn’t have to allow people into her experience who are hurtful and toxic. Healthy boundaries make healthy relationships! 

I believe that relationships are the most important part of the human experience. Unfortunately, healthy relationship skills often aren't taught at home or in school or demonstrated as much as they should be. She is far from perfect at relationship and she will be the first to offer my own mistakes as examples of what not to however, she allows the pain from her mistakes to humble me as she move forward and try to do better.

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Jassmine Stancliff

In 2020, she landed a position as the Community Coordinator for Oakwood Farms, Oakwood Farms Market, and the Oaktree Bistro. She have collaborated with other departments of the University for a charitable fundraising event called “Men in Pink” for Breast Cancer Research and assisted with coordinating setup for the "Mobile Farmers Market Bus" with Healthy Campus 20/20. She managed the Oakwood Farmers Market during the 2020 May-October season. Her upcoming projects are to build a community garden in 2021 and implement her “Field of Opportunity” Curriculum, that will serve as a training module for beginner farmers in North Alabama by April 2022.

As a young mother who was often debilitated by depression, I wanted to learn how to do better in order to prevent my sons from suffering as I had. Books and podcasts became my greatest source of information about personal responsibility and personal growth and I enjoy sharing that information with others. The more we talk about and demonstrate healthy relationships and taking responsibility for the quality of our life, the more this information will be passed on and hopefully someday will become a new norm.

The addiction studies program at College of the Redwoods was a great experience for me. I spent many years in isolation so getting out and engaging in meaningful conversations and listening to the variety of experiences and perspectives of others, helped my confidence tremendously! 

Being a supervisor of a 40 acre organic produce farm also helped my confidence and I thrived in that challenging environment despite being at the mercy of my bosses unwillingness to adapt his practices to the needs of the land.

I also enjoyed working as a supportive living services coordinator for adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness. 

All of these experiences have equipped me with knowledge and skills that have made me the advocate that I am! Over the years I've had several insights that came to me from a higher power when I was in my darkest hour. 

*Fear is the debilitator, Love is the liberator.

*I stopped having problems when I started calling them challenges.

*Peace isn't given or found, it's Made.

These are a few of my personal mantras that I'd like to share w the world. There exists what I refer to as The Cycle of Suffering and I'll save my description of it for another time, perhaps over an ocean view and pint of good beer. My hardships and the love for my sons have inspired me to stand-up and face The Cycle of Suffering in my own life and now in my community. 

*What you feed will grow...I choose to grow a healthy garden and share the harvest to nourish others in need.

*I'm a simple girl with simple needs. To plant seeds, pull weeds and do good deeds.

And that about sums up this humble bumble! I hope you have a wonderful day Tammy! I truly am grateful to have crossed paths with such a courageous and beautiful soul! Your light shines bright and I've only had a glimpse!

Contact Info: (707) 296-6991