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NWIAA California Chair Leaders

Queen Nina Womack*
(323) 371-6323

A South Los Angeles native, Queen Nina Womack is the Chairwoman for the California Women in Agriculture Association (CWIAA), a chapter of the National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA). The non-profit’s mission is to promote food security and sustainable urban agriculture in Los Angeles.


Nina is also the CEO of Royal African Company, a public benefit corporation focused on two-way trade and development between the U.S. and Africa. She is also the Editor-In-Chief for African Agriculture Agenda, a Nigerian based magazine focusing on agriculture by food producers of African descent. 


An enstooled Queen mother of Development in Ghana, West Africa, HRH Nina is a lifelong actress, a multimedia professional and wellness advocate with an extensive background in film, stage and event production, marketing, and advertising. This Pan Africanist thinker is passionate about the reunification, healing, and social and economic empowerment among the global Black, disenfranchised communities, so she sits on the Board of Directors in an advisory capacity for multiple non-profits in Africa.

Queen Nina graduated Cum Laude from Los Angeles City College with a degree in Theater and furthered her studies in the arts, public relations & Black history at Cal State Northridge. The community leader has served as a Board Member for the North Area Neighborhood Development Council (NANDC) interacting with elected officials, developers and stakeholders to ensure that the community’s needs are heard when it comes to government policies in Los Angeles. She’s also on the working group committee for the L.A. Good Food Policy Council to ensure everyone has equal access to healthy food.


As a trained Mental Health Advocate, Ms. Womack formed a holistic wellness brand named, Let’s Be Whole. The organization is a subsidiary of CAWIAA and provides nutrition and agricultural education, a mobile food pantry, mental health support, yoga, arts therapies along with naturopathic practitioner referrals for the underserved communities. 


Queen Nina’s hunger relief efforts have garnered awards and certificates of commendation from the City of Los Angeles, L.A. County and the State of California. Her organization’s weekly food recovery & distribution program supports an average of 60,000 households annually and diverts nearly 750,000 pounds of food that would otherwise go into the landfill.

Ahmad Majid*
Phone:  (646) 353 2985

My name is Ahmad “Kofi” Majid. I live in the Central Valley, California by way of East Palo Alto, California (SF/Oakland Bay Area).


I currently enjoy the pleasure of serving as Assistant Farm Manager at Central Valley Neighborhood Harvest, a local non-profit that creates entry-level opportunities for community members to learn farming and gardening skills.


My wife and I are also planning a livestock ranch (alpacas & laying hens) & diversified produce farm operation; we focus on all things regenerative, including the installation of a bee colony and other pollinator habitat supports, as well as Vermiculture and composting programs—even a fiber composting program!


I’m humbly honored to join NWIAA to cheerfully represent the organization in California.


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