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NWIAA California Chair Leaders

Ahmad Majid*
Phone:  (646) 353 2985

My name is Ahmad “Kofi” Majid. I live in the Central Valley, California by way of East Palo Alto, California (SF/Oakland Bay Area).


I currently enjoy the pleasure of serving as Assistant Farm Manager at Central Valley Neighborhood Harvest, a local non-profit that creates entry-level opportunities for community members to learn farming and gardening skills.


My wife and I are also planning a livestock ranch (alpacas & laying hens) & diversified produce farm operation; we focus on all things regenerative, including the installation of a bee colony and other pollinator habitat supports, as well as Vermiculture and composting programs—even a fiber composting program!


I’m humbly honored to join NWIAA to cheerfully represent the organization in California.

My name is Hipólito Fernández, I’m 54 years old I live in Fresno California!


I am married and have 5 children, I’m a retired Deputy Sheriff. 


I’m currently a church pastor for the past 6 years!


I hold a bachelor’s degree in Theology and a master’s degree in counseling. 

Hipolito Fernandez


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