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Selena L. Thornton J.D. is the Social Media / Public Engagement Manager for the NWIAA.  In addition, she is a Mompreneur. A mother of two amazing sons Immanuel and IsaiahLIV. She is the CEO of IAM LIV Enterprises LLC., owner and grower for Supernatural Flower Farm LLC. and extension of their family’s blueberry farm Legacy Acres LLC.


Selena is a business professional and inspirational speaker with the work experience and formal education needed to develop, lead or manage any organization or project. She holds a Masters degree in Legal Studies along with several degrees in Social Work, Human Services and Business.


Selena is currently serves on the Board Of Directors for Piedmont Progressive Farmers Group, a non- profit co-op organized in 2015 to provide opportunities for disadvantaged farmers to market their produce and farm products at a fair market rate while providing education about farm services.

Selena L. Thornton

Selena has a broad knowledge and diverse experience in business development, program management, marketing, sales, and social entrepreneurialism. As a minister her professional approach is always faith based and grounded in Christian values.


This award -winning business minded life coach is a humanitarian who eagerly awaits her next professional opportunity. In addition she is an author. She is the founder of Diva In Dirt(TM) an upstart program devoted solely to the education, enrichment and empowerment of women. A popular orator with engaging and thought provoking lectures her presentations are in high demand.

Contact Email: (336) 612-5803  ​


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Tonya Pennix

Tonya Yellock-Pennix owns and operates Mourning Dove Farm NC in Caswell County, NC.  With her husband, they currently grow various produce items and have free range laying hens.  Mourning Dove is also in the process of renovating their two roadside locations so that local farmers will have a place to sell and display their products.


Tonya serves on the Caswell County Farm Bureau board of directors and recently completed their two-year LEAD (Leadership Education Activity Development) program.  Being a part of Farm Bureau group has given her the opportunity to work on legislative policy that affect and effect farmers.  To be a part of policy review to submit resolutions for change, to be able to add a voice for farmers that may not otherwise be heard: to advocate for farmers. 

Tonya also serves on the Caswell County Chamber of Commerce board and is Co-Chair for the North Carolina chapter of National Women in Agriculture Association. She is also active with groups that assist underserved and small farmers to find solutions that will assist them in diverse and sustainable farming. 


Tonya stated, “Even though I grew up in the country, farming was the last thing I thought I’d be doing.  But being back in Caswell County and seeing how families were not holding on to family land and farms.  I knew I didn’t want to see that happen in our community and I needed to do what I could to promote sustainable agriculture.  Land is an asset and many do not know the resources available to them help to preserve and be good stewards of what their ancestors worked so hard to obtain and keep.  Over the past 10 years I have been working on understanding and learning what it takes to farm and how to help others to realize that the word “farming” is not a bad word.


Her husband started farming at the age of 9 with his uncle on his family farm.  After having careers, owning businesses, raising two sons and now having two grandsons, they have returned to that family farm where they intend on preserving it and sharing knowledge for generations to come.

Contact Email: (336) 514-7774  Tonyapennix​