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Bobbette R. Fagel


Bobbette Fagel grew up as a city girl in Howard County, Indiana. However, when the opportunity arose for her, she moved to a small unincorporated community in North Carolina where she could pursue her lifelong dream of owning a farm.

Established on March 15, 2016, Briar Creek Farm was cultivated from years of planning and persistence. Bobbette researched the area, assessed potential resources, and explored her options. Once she had everything worked out on paper, it was my time for her to make the long haul from Kokomo, Indiana to Ruffin, North Carolina - moving to where she calls "God's Country" and planting new roots. This was a dream come true for her.

Her farm started out as acres of open hay fields and woods galore. Bobbette watched as land slowing became her home and her farm. Her vision soon became my reality.

Today, Briar Creek Farm specializes in four breeds of goats, including the following:
- Alpine
- Nigerian Dwarf
- Nubian
- Myotonic (Fainting)

Bobbette also has several breeds of chickens that provide a generous amount of eggs each day. Her hens and roosters are pasture-raised. They are allowed full access to the farm, from dusk to dawn, returning to the coop to sleep for the night.

In addition to her farm, Bobbette works for a government agency in the role of advisor concerning compliance / governance issues.  She has also obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. and is currently working towards her Master's Degree in Information Technology Management.

In the mean time, Briar Creek Farm continues to research, assess and explore. It continues to grow. Bobbette continues to love what she does on her farm and for her herd. Yes. This truly is God's country.



Selena L. Thornton


Selena L. Thornton J.D. is the Social Media / Public Engagement Manager for the NWIAA.  In addition, she is a Mompreneur. A mother of two amazing sons Immanuel and IsaiahLIV. She is the CEO of IAM LIV Enterprises LLC., owner and grower for Supernatural Flower Farm LLC. and extension of their family’s blueberry farm Legacy Acres LLC.


Selena is a business professional and inspirational speaker with the work experience and formal education needed to develop, lead or manage any organization or project. She holds a Masters degree in Legal Studies along with several degrees in Social Work, Human Services and Business.


Selena is currently serves on the Board Of Directors for Piedmont Progressive Farmers Group, a non- profit co-op organized in 2015 to provide opportunities for disadvantaged farmers to market their produce and farm products at a fair market rate while providing education about farm services.


Selena has a broad knowledge and diverse experience in business development, program management, marketing, sales, and social entrepreneurialism. As a minister her professional approach is always faith based and grounded in Christian values.


This award -winning business minded life coach is a humanitarian who eagerly awaits her next professional opportunity. In addition she is an author. She is the founder of Diva In Dirt(TM) an upstart program devoted solely to the education, enrichment and empowerment of women. A popular orator with engaging and thought provoking lectures her presentations are in high demand.


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