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Meet Our Team!

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Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele
Founder/CEO of National Women In Agriculture Association
Founded in 2008 by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele

NWIAA was founded in February 2008, by Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele who is the founder and Director. The organization is headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. NWIAA is an agriculture outreach organization fueled by sisterhood and diversity.  

Our vision is to provide vital opportunities for rural and urban communities to sustain themselves through agriculture. We have made it our mission to increase the number of minority participation in the agriculture sector. We believe if we equip our youth for tomorrow while engaging them today, we can increase the number of minority youth going into agricultural careers. NWIAA’s Grass Root innovative and sustainable at-risk-youth programs will build capacity within and at 1890 Land Grant Universities’ Motivate Education Achieve Program (“MEA”).

We also have partnerships with The USDA Programs and 1890 Land Grant Universities. There are 45 NWIAA Current & Pending Chapters.  This number includes sub Chapters within various states.

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Mary Gray
Sustainable Science Academy Director

Mary Roberts-Gray, born in 1950 in rural Seminole County, OK, grew up on her family farm, allotted by The Dawes Commission. Her parents, George and Margaret Roberts, cultivated a variety of crops and tended to livestock. Mary, a member of the Black Seminole Tribe, actively assisted the National Women In Agriculture Association since its establishment in 2008. As an original member, she played a key role in outreach events, providing technical assistance to connect minority women farmers with USDA resources. Mary served NWIAA in various roles, including outreach assistant coordinator, bookkeeper, and financial coordinator. She also contributed as the Childcare Director at Sustainable Science Academy in Oklahoma City, the only Agriculture Childcare Center in the area.

QK Douglas
NWIAA Attorney

QK is an Eastside OKC native and has grown up and been built by her community. She is the eldest daughter of Nigerian Immigrant and African-American parents and has 3 younger sisters who are dynamic and talented. #NaijaNoDeyCarryLast.

QK graduated from The University of Oklahoma w/ a B.A. in Political Science, and a Juris Doctorate from Oklahoma City University, and studied abroad at Oxford University. She has worked in banking and mortgages, federal regulatory litigation, family law, legal consulting, and regulatory compliance; all before going full-time into her own firm in 2021.

QK is a licensed and practicing attorney in Oklahoma. She has expertise in personal finance, business strategy and organization, and crypto foundational education, and is an active real estate investor. QK is a seasoned speaker and presenter, she has been educating business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs for over 5 years. She has over 10 years of experience in her areas of expertise and has cultivated a teaching style unlike any other.

She helps entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners with ways to register and legalize their businesses properly. My business facilitates brand protection & setup, business registration, contract formation, and business compliance for sustainability and proper start-up.

My business embodies dynamic trade solutions and strategies to ensure you have options and pathways for your business to flourish. I am passionate about knowledge transfer and proper business practices in creative business environments.

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Rhonda Spencer
Human Resources

 Rhonda Spencer is a native of Brooklyn, New York. She is married, a mother of two, an educator and entrepreneur. She has a background in education that began in 1999 in the New York City Public School system, where she taught in The Bronx and Manhattan. She received her Master’s Degree in Education and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Leadership at Cambridge College in Boson, Massachusetts, and would later become an adjunct professor and student teacher supervisor at East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania.


In 2010, her journey and interest in agriculture began with her first summer food garden at her home in Pennsylvania. Within the same year, she and her family would move to Virginia for a land and farming opportunity. Although this did not materialize as expected, in 2020, after relocating with her family to Oklahoma, Rhonda would again revisit her quest of growing her own food and her interest in farming and agriculture.


Rhonda continued her agriculture journey by once again growing her own food on her back porch. This time, however, as news reports foresaw the beginning of a food shortage, along with the limited ability to get around due to quarantine, and the general difficulty to find healthy, nutritious fruits and vegetables in Oklahoma City, she was not growing food just for leisure, but because of the growing uncertainty of food access during the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Her attempt to answer to this need presented many challenges, particularly in an urban setting. Her desire for learning more about urban gardening and her will to educate her community about this information as well, is what prompted her to start the live virtual workshop series “From Seed 2 Harvest”. What began as a show on gardening quickly expanded to cover many stages of growing and storing food, including food preservation, freeze drying, hoop houses, green houses, aquaponics, animal husbandry and more.  The shows featured seasoned farmers, gardeners and experienced individuals, such as Kwame Mboya, a local farmer, founder and manager of the NEOKC Farmers Market Incorporated. The show also included international guests as far away as Zambia, Central Africa. The advantage to the show being virtual was that it reached larger audiences and forged relations with farmers and food Sovereignty Advocates around the country and the world and put From Seed 2 Harvest on the global scene. Just as we cultivate to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, this is only the beginning for “From Seed 2 Harvest.”

In December 2021, Rhonda was a cohost on WOLB AM Radio 1010, The Mentoring Klinic, in Baltimore, MD.  The featured topic was: “Community Preparation for Food Shortage/How to Prepare.”  As Rhonda continued to engage various groups and study, she realized that farming is a lost art and she believes that it is important for our youth to reconnect to the earth and to learn the art growing food. This, she believes, is the key start to sustaining a good quality of life, by taking charge of our lives through cultivating good, wholesome, life-sustaining food.


A natural people person, Mr. Gonzalez takes pride in his confidence to tackle any challenge. While agriculture is a new avenue for him, he is amazed by its endless possibilities

Andres Gonzalez
Operations Manager

Kiera Esparza holds a degree in graphic design and runs her own graphic design/art business. She is an advocate for building a sustainable future for the next generation. Having been exposed to agriculture through her family, the NWIAA mission is a lifestyle she has already witnessed as beneficial.

Kiera Esparza
Social Media Manager

Elisa Joseph is the Founder / Director of The Maternal Society


Nonprofit Mission: Dedication to Maternal Infant Child Health and wellness through a community-based approach of lactation services, perinatal care, health literacy and child development.


They envision a premier continuum of healthcare and social support that safeguards African American Maternal Infant Child Health and wellbeing. Together we can, and we will.

Elisa Joseph
Founder / Director of The Maternal Society
Qadira Muhammad
International Affairs Coordinator
Lauren Fanning
NWIAA Ambassador
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