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NWIAA National Team

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Founder/CEO of National Women In Agriculture Association, the largest non-profit Women In Agriculture Organization in the World!



Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele
Founder/CEO of National Women In Agriculture Association
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Valontay Linzy is the executive assistant for National Women in Agriculture. She works directly with Executive Director Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele at the headquarters building located in Oklahoma City, Ok

Valontay Linzy
Executive Assistant for National Women in Agriculture
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Darlene Gunther, M.S.  as several years’ teaching experience, including successful development of the Biotechnology Program in the TN Metropolitan School System (MNPS, grades 9-12). She successfully initiated Industrial Hemp Research at TN State University (TSU) and instrumental in supporting the TN Dept. of Agriculture in advancing the production of hemp and support for hemp farmers in the state.

Darlene Gunther, M.S. 
National Grant Representative
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Amanda Edwards is a Tampa, Florida native and first-generation stateside born citizen who became the first in her family to attend university. Ms. Edwards is the national coordinator and co-director of the Florida Women In Agriculture chapter Ms. Edwards is a devoted mother of 3 children and serves as a senior student in the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. In addition to her studies, Ms. Edwards is an avid Second Degree Black Belt Instructor, and Tae-Kwon-Do enthusiast. By utilizing her gifts collectively, Ms. Edwards strives to fulfill her God-given purpose to eliminate poverty in urban and rural communities by sowing seeds of enlightenment in the youths of society. 

Amanda Edwards 
National Chapter Coordinator
Mindy May

Mindy Avalon May is a Dallas, Texas native growing up in the urban North East Dallas area. While spending summers in the rural farm land of southwest Arkansas at her grandparents cattle farm. She found her passion for flowers & floriculture in her early twenties. Making a career decision in floral design. Recently moving to Oklahoma City with her husband and four dogs, she started searching for the next chapter in life when she came across NWIAA. There was an instant respect and interest she found in NWIAA and knew this was an organization she wanted to be a part of and support. Having had Urban & Rural life experiences growing up, NWIAA organization sparked an urgency to advocate, connect, and be a chapter member with no reservations.


Her advocacy associations are (not limited to) Save Our Monarchs Save Our Monarchs - Home Certified Humane Overview - Certified Humane Random Acts Of Flowers RAF Tampa Bay Communities For Recovery Communities for Recovery – Give to Keep Austin Galano Club Austin Galano – Serving LGBTQIA+ and Allies in Recovery

National Ag. Assistant

Tara Davis is an Ag. Assistant, Garden Technician, Nutritionist/Dietician and Master Teacher.  She’s a 4th Generation Cattle and Row Crop Farmer.  Her family currently operates the original 40 acres provided through the Emancipation Proclamation Act.  Proudly and unfortunately, her family is the only black farm owners/operators in one rural area Oklahoma that is still operating. 

Mrs. Davis has assisted NWIAA Headquarters Team since its establishment.  She has assisted in all departments of the organization from: developing community gardens, farmers’ markets, agribusiness, record keeping, membership drives, chapter establishments, conferences assistance and provides technical and literacy services to assist socially disadvantaged farmers across the nation.   

Although Mrs. Davis assist with outreach/technical services and agribusiness projects, her first love is teaching underserved children how to grow and cook locally grown fruits and vegetables. 

Tara Davis
National Ag. Assistant
Mary Gray
National Ag. Assistant

Mary was born in 1950, in rural Seminole County, near Sasakwa, OK.  She was born on the family farm which was a portion of land that was allotted to her grandmother’s family by The Dawes Commission.  Her parents, George and Margaret Roberts farmed the land and tended to their livestock.  They grew and harvested a large variety of vegetables and other items such as; Potatoes, greens, corn, peas, peanuts, sugar cane, cotton and so much more.  The family had animals and livestock on their land including Horses, cows, mules, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and guineas.  Ms. Gray cared for the farm along with her parents and siblings.  She remembers one of her duties was milking cows.  She also remembers that they had farm hands helping with ranch duties.  In this rural community, there was a strong sense of caring and sharing amongst families and neighbors. Many of Mary’s relatives also lived on nearby farms.

Mary Roberts-Gray is a native Oklahoman. She is a member of the Black Seminole Tribe.  She has been assisting National Women In Agriculture Association since it was established in February 2008.  Mrs. Gray was one of the original members who assisted in hosting outreach events and provided technical assistance that connected several minority women farmers to USDA resources to help them save their farms.  She has been assisting NWIAA’s Headquarter Team as an outreach assistant coordinator, bookkeeper/recordkeeper.  She traveled to several counties in Oklahoma and the United States educating farmers to trust USDA programs and agents.  Also Mrs. Gray served as a financial coordinator for financial reporting.  Additionally, she served as the Childcare Director at Sustainable Science Academy (the only Agriculture Childcare Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma).

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