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National Women In Agriculture Association's 5 Initiative's:

We are trying to become a "pilot program" to 4-H and FFA" to provide equal and sustainable life skill opportunities to: 


1) Save our children lives from incarceration and death 


2) Eradicate Food Desert issues 


3) Economic Development - provide sustainable job opportunities 


4) Serve as a recruiting agent/bridge to colleges by grooming and educating our children at early ages about the sustainable opportunities in agriculture 


5) Increasing the number of black farmers are down to approximately less than 1% 

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NWIAA is the largest agricultural organization for women in the world, and is committed to providing equality and sustainable opportunities for women farmers and at-risk youth.
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The USDA Excludes Female Minority Farmers from American Rescue Plan Funding The National Women in Agriculture Association Fights for Equality

The SOLUTION to America's Poverty, Inequalities and to Commence America's History
through The Minority Women & Children Equality Inclusion Act

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  • There is not a single organization focused on the empowerment of minority, women farmers. TO DATE, THERE'S NEVER BEEN A BLACK CHARTER ON RECORD.

  • NWIAA was excluded from the American Rescue Plan, which allocated 75 million dollars.

  • NWIAA is the Largest Non-Profit Women-in-Agriculture Organization in the Country, with a focus on minority women farmers and educating minority youth towards a career in agriculture. 

  • We are asking President Biden to sign an executive order to officially name NWIAA as a Charter Organization, similar to the 4-H organization, so that NWIAA can receive lifetime sustainable funding to grow each of our chartered organizations.

  • Our overall goal is Equality & Inclusion of minority farmers in the Agricultural Industry, and to educate our minority youth for careers in agriculture.


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Free Fresh Vegetables
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Soil Sisters
2020 Project
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