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NWIAA Hip-Hop Producers

NWIAA's Hip Hop Producers and the United States Veterans have been busy blessing their communities.  NWIAA’s Veterans Class structure aligns with National Women In Ag. Association’s motto: "Growing Character, Health, and Income from the Ground Up!" The National Men in Ag. and Women in Ag. Associations are excited to have U. S. Veterans on our team giving back, mentoring, and assisting new and beginning farmers and ranchers. Together, we will save the next minority generation and produce good citizens and quality producers.

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NWIAA's experience has taught us that it is imperative to begin educating youth about personal values as early as 6 years old. Learning core values and responsibilities such as integrity, honesty, spirit, and community service at this impressionable age will help produce the next minority generation of decent citizens and farmers.  NWIAA's new generation of agriculture educators must be persistent, consistent and possess good leadership abilities in order to make a meaningful and tangible difference.


NWIAA’s classes, "Growing Character, Health, and Income from the Ground Up!" help remove generational barriers. NWIAA's consistent and quality leadership teaches good human values and preserves of our planet. This is our passion and foundation.  It is a movement that is gaining strength and momentum lead by NWIAA's African American college graduates as well as corporate and farming business women. NWIAA believes that these young men and seasoned Veterans are making beneficial changes for today and future generations.

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