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NWIAA Louisiana Chairperson

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Mary Bolton

My name is Mary Bolton Warren. In 1962, I was born to the late D> .L.W. and Leola Bolton. I am from McLain, Ms., a very small rural city. I grew up on a small farm with nineteen siblings. For all my childhood life, our food philosophy was, from the Garden to the Table. Farming played a significant role in shaping and preparing me for life.
In 1980, I graduated from McLain High School and received a Basketball Scholarship to attend Jones Junior College in Ellisville, Ms. In 1982, I continue my education at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La. Since college, I have had the privilege to coach at great institutions at all levels.
In 2001 as an adult, I moved back to my hometown and on my childhood farm. It was the greatest
opportunity to teach my children about farming and to rekindle my passion for growing fresh vegetables. I truly enjoyed and realized how important farming is to the health and wellness of my family. As the Mayor of the City. I began to incorporate youth involvement with farming. I connected with organizations and colleges to implement an annual youth farm day. As a result, in 2020 my husband and I have started a farm chapter in Louisiana and promote youth involvement and searching for resources to help rural and forgotten farmers. The name of our chapter is NorthShore Forgotten Farmers. My husband, Pastor Jerome Warren, has been growing vegetables for his community for many years. It has been very challenging, and we’ve lost produce due to bad weather, lack of resources, lack of marketing opportunities, and other factors. His main crop has been watermelon, greens, squash, zucchini, potatoes, green onions, and herbs. We are excited about being a part of NWIAA. It will give us the opportunity to help the rural forgotten farmers through some of their struggles.

Contact Email:  (978) 990-5236;1455359

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