Starting New Chapters & Chairwomen Responsibilities

There are many opportunities to be involved in at NWIAA, and one of the most important is being the Chairwoman of your own chapter. Chapter Chairwomen have four basic responsibilties:

  1. Recruit members of the community to serve as volunteers and in other leadership positions within the chapter.

  2. Work with Chapter members to develop projects and promote wellness and empowerment through agriculture.

  3. Work with local schools for developing and/or maintaining school and nearby community gardens to help supply produce for healthy school lunches and local food pantries.

  4. Fundraising for projects and chapter expenses.


One of the greatest benefits of starting an NWIAA Chapter is getting to work under our 501(c)3 non-profit tax exemption status umbrella. This saves time, hundreds of dollars, and allows you to begin accepting donations and gifts right away!


As second benefit, you'll have the support of our 11+ years of national agriculture community outreach and networking, professional experience, support services, and a stellar reputation with various large partnerships, including the USDA. 


Being under NWIAA’s organizational umbrella and having access to its partnership and development relationships enables you to apply for and receive grants and foundation funding; unlike any individual farmer can ever receive on their own. This will help your Chapter to literally help save lives, through growing healthy foods, growing incomes, and helping create sustainable businesses.


Finally, You’re connected to a sisterhood of business agriculture women that advocate for equal rights as for women and at-risk-youth. As a Chairwoman in your state you will be a partner with the NWIAA’s historical movement to bring equal opportunities to grow and market fresh food in underserved communities for ALL people! 

General Membership

You don't have to be a Chairwoman to get involved with NWIAA. General membership is for all other Chapter members and those without a Chapter who want to support NWIAA providing education and resources for achieving sustainable environments of healthy living and independence to underserved communities. 

In addition to helping NWIAA help others, General Members have access to a support network of others passionate about agriculture, urban farming, and agri-business, as well as mentors and educational tools for growing your own garden, beginning a homestead, raising livestock, and starting a new business. NWIAA is here to help you succeed.


Get Started!

1. Watch video

2. Read Chapter Manual

3. Download Checklist