South Carolina

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Chapter Leader

Laura Lee Manigault


Laura Lee Manigault grew up on a very small farm that was considered a way of life in her small rural hometown. The farm had a presence of livestock, fowl, crops and about two acres of loblolly pine trees. During her childhood, sustainability was a way of survival for her family, in addition to both parents working their regular jobs.


Laura’s perspective about landownership changed upon attending a presentation by the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation where a plethora of resources are provided for minority landowners. Laura is a Woodlands Community Advocate for the Center for Heirs’ Property Preservation located in Charleston, South Carolina where she promotes the work of the Center and encourages her friends, family and community to resolve their heirs’ property issues and sustainably manage their wooded lands.


Laura has learned a wealth of information through numerous sponsored workshops about heirs’ property, sustainable land practices and land retention. She believes that the only way to achieve economic growth in our rural communities is to utilize the land that has been left to us.


Laura has realized that the available resources are not reaching minority landowners in enough time to save them from selling or in some cases losing their only wealth to county tax sales. She believes that connecting rural minority landowners to available financial resources will possibly help with land retention and profitability.


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Chapter Leader

Arrin Toolin and her husband live in Cross, South Carolina.  She is a 30 year veteran of the nursing profession and is currently providing home health services in rural Berkeley County, South Carolina. 


Driven by her many interests including homesteading, canning, sewing, crocheting, and crafting, Arrin, her husband and her parents started FernBank Farm.  Her farm is a small homestead consisting of dairy goats, chicken, and emu.  She has also founded a nonprofit parrot sanctuary housing and caring for 35 parrots.


Arrin continues to learn and advance her homesteading skills.  She also enjoys networking with others along the way.

Arrin Toolin



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Chapter Leader

Kelly M. Deas was born in Southern California and transplanted to South Carolina as a small child, Kelly was raised in a family with a large hog farm.  Though she has since spent many years in aerospace and away from the farm life, she and her fiance are aggressively taking steps to get their homestead farm plans put into action and to get her feet back in the dirt full time!


Kelly currently raises chickens, coturnix quail, bobwhite quail, ancona ducks and has two amazing Jeremiah Goat Farm & Dairy wethers who are responsible for brush maintenance and overall healthy human attitudes. 

Kelly M. Deas