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Membership Page

Not ready for Chairwoman position yet? 

Become a member! We have several opportunities to become a supporting member of the NWIAA. As a supporting member, you will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that your membership dues will help us achieve our goal of providing education and resources for rural and urban underserved communities to achieve a  sustainable environment of healthy living and independence. We believe in "Growing Character, Health, & Income from the Ground Up."

In addition to helping us help others, you will benefit from our support network and educational tools to help you reach YOUR goals in agriculture, whether growing your own garden, beginning a homestead, raising livestock, or starting a new business. We're here to help you succeed. All members will have access to our growing database of knowledge, as well as mentors that you can call for advice. Perhaps one day you WILL begin an NWIAA Chapter of your own! 

Why Get involved with NWIAA?

What's in it for you?

There are many opportunities to be involved in at NWIAA. One of the most important is to be a Chairwoman/Chairman of your own chapter. As a Chairwoman/Chairman , you will gather people of like minds from your community or region and work towards our vision by developing a project that is unique to your area, and empowering other women develop the skills they need to grow their own food, and perhaps even begin their own agri-business.

You will work with local schools, encouraging them to have school gardens, perhaps develop community gardens that will help supply the local food pantries with fresh produce, the possibilities are limitless!

One of the benefits of becoming a chairperson of your own chapter is that you get to work under our 501(c)3 non-profit tax exemption status umbrella. This will save you time, hundreds of dollars, and allow you to begin accepting donations and gifts right away!

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A second benefit is that you'll have the support of our 16 plus years of national agriculture community outreach and networking, our professional experience, our support services and a stellar reputation with various large partnerships. This includes our large USDA partnership, the second largest agency of the United States government. The USDA is a great partner to have! 


Being under NWIAA’s organizational umbrella and having access to its partnership and development relationships enables you to apply for and receive grants and foundation funding; unlike any individual farmer can ever receive on their own. This will help your Chapter to literally help save lives, through growing healthy foods, growing incomes, and helping create sustainable businesses.


Finally, You’re connected to a sisterhood of business agriculture women that advocate for equal rights as for women and at-risk-youth. As a Chairwoman/Chairman in your state you will be a partner with the NWIAA’s historical movement to bring equal opportunities to grow and market fresh food in underserved communities for ALL people! 

National Women in Agriculture Association (NWIAA)
Fee Structure Effective: October 1, 2021

ALL Memberships will include a Membership Card signed by NWIAA Executive Director 

Children’s Membership (17 and under)- FREE

Grant Information

  • ALL Grants will be written and processed through the NWIAA Grants Department and approved through NWIAA Leadership

  • Under $50,000 (10% to the NWIAA National Office) $50,000 - $100,000 (20% to the NWIAA National Office) Over $100,000 (25% to the NWIAA National Office)

  • Note: Politician proposal is an ethics violation as noted in the NWIAA Handbook under Conflict of Interest (pg. 14)

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