Jude C. Offiah

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Jude C. Offiah

Summary of Qualifications

International Relations ▬ Program/Grants Management ▬ Legislative Consulting
Training ▬ Public Relations ▬ Public Administration/City Planning- International trade

Ø Impressive career and expertise in international development, community development, and economic and
political empowerment. More than eight years experience in human resource development through projects
implemented throughout the world in agriculture.

Ø Extensive experience in the enhancement of governmental processes and knowledge of political systems as a
result of serving as advisor to government officials and politicians in the United States and Africa within full
food systems.

Ø Highly knowledgeable of the legislative process in Mississippi and in all 50 states with contacts in each state
legislature; worked recently with the states of Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Nebraska,
Kentucky, Texas, Arkansas, and Virginia as well as the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.)

Ø Advisor to Mississippi legislators and the Mississippi Congressional Delegation in Washington on international
projects involving agricultural deployment, research and planning. Special advisor to Senator Hillman Frazier,
Senator Nathaniel Exum, Rep. Credell Calhoun and Rep. Tyrone Ellis, Mississippi and Maryland State
Legislature; and to Senator Thad Cochran and Representative Bennie Thompson, Mississippi Congressional

Ø Principal contact for groups hosting Nigerian delegations in the United States and collaborator with the three
Nigerian Embassies in New York, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Specific responsibilities and skills include
linking delegations with training resources, planning agendas, and securing meetings with Congress, state
legislatures, U.S. Department of State, USAID, Voice of America, CNN, BBC, and the general media.
Areas of Expertise & Experience
Agric Project Management
Budget Preparation
Human Resource Training
Training Program Development
Public Administration
City Planning

Zoning Ordinance Development
Policies & Procedures
Research & Publication
Grants Administration
Compliance Reporting/Monitoring
Bid Process

Technical Assistance
Human Resource Training
Cross-Cultural Training
Curriculum Institutionalization
Criminal Justice/Corrections
MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Jackson State University – Jackson, MS
Master of Arts in Urban & Regional Planning, (2000), Jackson State University – Jackson, MS
Completed all graduate courses toward Master of Science in Criminology & Correctional Services
B.S. in Criminal Justice & Correctional Services (1997), Jackson State University – Jackson, MS
Magna Cum Laude and Lambda Alpha Epsilon Honor Society in Criminology
Jude Offiah (November 1999). Y2K Contingency Plan for Critical Services. Mississippi Municipalities, Volume 48,
Number 5, Page 8.


Dr.Tammy Gray-Steele, is the first American agricultural specialist, agripreneur, educator, and women and children advocate. Born and raised on a farm, she received her secondary education in the rustic and rural community of Wewoka, Oklahoma. Upon graduating high school, Dr. Steele left Oklahoma to pursue a dual educational and business career in New York City. Armed with the legal degree she obtained from New York University Law School, and the requisite legal business experience she acquired on Manhattan's Wall Street, she returned home to her family farm, and started to give back to the Oklahoma rural communities, in the process working full-time in the Oklahoma Corporate legal arena, and devoting time to study for a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Horticulture and Childcare Development Certifications.


On the broader national turf, Dr. Steele is a former USDA-SARE Advisory Main Council Member. Additionally, she had the rare honor of being appointed by President Barack Obama's administration as a distinguished USDA-NASS Advisory Councilwoman, serve on USDA Grant Panels and a USDA Strategic Action Team Leader. Dr. Steele serves on various scholarship committees that were instituted for the educational empowerment of the youth. In addition, she offers invaluable support to the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce, apart from volunteering on various rural Chamber of Commerce boards.


Deploying uncommon intellectual energy and superlative personal industry to achieve exemplary and duly-acknowledged results-oriented performance in both individual and team activities, Dr. Steele has demonstrated unrivaled commitment in assisting counties in the State of Oklahoma with expert knowledge in healthy food production at a level that matches any known empirical and international standards. In the process, she has managed to build for herself an unassailable reputation, and a formidable pedigree, as a widely-sought after agricultural expert who is never short of strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to challenges in the agricultural sector of the economy. 


Dr. Steele has embarked upon a personal crusade to develop good character amongst women and children. With a total belief in the credo that, "A child can only be developed if her mother provides sufficient support and resources," and with a legendary passion for empowering disadvantaged women and women of color in rural America, she strives to ensure that no woman, and no child, with whom she comes into contact, is socially and economically marginalized in the scheme of things.


Sincerely motivated by an altruistic desire to empower the socially and economically disadvantaged, and to deliver timely awareness and education to those who truly desire a sustainably healthier lifestyle, Dr. Steele established National Women In Agriculture Association in 2008. Since then, she has employed the powerful and influential instrumentality of NWIAA to pursue her agenda of sustainable development in America's agricultural sector. To this end, in January 2014, Dr. Steele opened NWIAA’s first Sustainable Agriculture Academy in the United States, located on the Eastside of the Oklahoma City Metro Area, and in close proximity to the city's largest African American population. It was in the light of this that Dr. Steele was recognized at the White House in February 2014, for leading the country in efforts to save and educate America's youth using environmental and innovative agriculture-based sustainable best practices, and in the spring of 2013, she was awarded a humanitarian honorary doctorate for exemplary performance as one of the most influential agro-business community developers amongst her generation in the United States. 


Dr. Steele has received awards from Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Conservation District Cooperatives Department and Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus, and Tuskegee University and other educational institutions in genuine appreciation for her support of various economic empowerment entrepreneurship programs. She has written testimonial articles with New York Magazine and other Agriculture Journals.  

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