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Jayde A. Daniel


Southern University Law Center

Jayde A. Daniel

My name is Jayde A. Daniel. I am originally from New Orleans, LA but after Hurricane Katrina hit Houston, Texas is my home. I am an Alumna of Prairie View A&M University with a degree in Agricultural Sciences. Currently, I am a rising second-year law student at Southern University Law Center in Baton Rouge, La. I am interested in contracts, fashion law, litigation, civil rights, trademarks, agricultural law, and new trends in the legal community and the world.


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Hilary Farris


University of Central Oklahoma

Hillary Farris

Hillary Farris is from Norman, Oklahoma and currently lives in Oklahoma City. She graduated with her Associates degree in Applied Science at OSU-OKC. Currently, she is a Senior in the Nutrition, Dietetics and food management program at the University of Central Oklahoma.  She has worked for Sprouts Farmers Market for the last 6 and a half years. Sprouts helped to inspire her love of nutrition and made her want to know more so that she could be of service to her community. She has been vegan for the last 3 years and has learned a lot about where food comes from. She has spent a lot of time learning about the importance of nutrition and accessibility. She is committed to food justice in her community. Helping to grow accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables is one of her major goals. In her spare time she like to Roller Skate and play Violin. 

St. Louis, MO

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Sarah Harris


Langston University

Sarah Harris

My full name is Sarah Renee Harris and I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where I grew up a very spontaneous, adventurous, and curious child. I am currently enrolled as a junior at Langston University majoring in Agribusiness with hopes of completing my bachelor’s degree in the Spring of 2022. My educational inspirations consist of acquiring my bachelor’s degree in Agribusiness that would help aid me in pursuing a spot in a graduate degree program. My activities outside of class include serving as the Youth & College secretary for NAACP on the national level and the chapter level for Langston University’s chapter. I record and take note of everything related to the NAACP, for example, I type agendas for every meeting held. I am a new employee with the agricultural department of Langston University where I record research data on Microsoft excel. Also, in my free time, I run a small business online selling personal health and beauty products. My overall career vision is to one day have my own Farm & create a Farmer’s market that will distribute organic goods and services to consumers. I also see myself starting my own non-profit organization that will play a huge role in helping low-income households. 


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Kanita Hutchinson


Tennessee State University

Kanita Hutchinson

Kanita Hutchinson is from Atlanta, Georgia. A 2x Alumna of Tennessee State University where she earned her Bachelor’s in Biotechnology (2017) and Masters in Agribusiness Management and Analysis (2019) in the College of Agriculture. While attending TSU, she participated in various organizations, from the Student Government Association, Tennessee Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (TLSAMP), Minorities in Agriculture Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANNRS), Tiger Women in Agriculture, just to name a few amongst the awards and honors she has received.


Currently, Kanita is the Program Director for a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization, Trap Garden, where their mission is to help build, sustain, and empower low-income communities by assisting in the creation of community gardens and the promotion of healthy eating.   


Continuing to excel by serving her community by volunteering and others, Kanita’s personal goals at NWIAA is to be an advocate for sustainable education, food justice and women through agriculture. Her goals to diversity the industry to encourage individuals that agriculture is more than just farming, it's beyond those limitations. Agriculture involves business, biotechnology, engineering, nutrition, and so much more! 


Kanita is planning to pursue a Doctorate degree with career aspirations of working with people through food, research, and sustainability. As an individual, Kanita truly takes full advantage of what her university and community continues to provide in her future endeavors. She prides herself in striving to break barriers, making a change, and creating a way for others to apply themselves while being a humanitarian in their communities.


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Valontay Linzy


Langston University

Val’Ontay Linzy 

Val’Ontay Linzy was born in Denver, CO, and raised in Oklahoma City, OK for almost half of her life. She is the oldest of 4 children who are all 5+ years younger than her. Living in Oklahoma City has exposed Miss Linzy to agriculture through the non-profit organization NWIAA (National Women in Agriculture). She has been apart of this organization since she was 12, and she is now 18 years old. She continuously works with the organization to grow charitable donations of fruits & vegetables that provide the community with fresh & healthy local food. During her years of service, she has learned a lot about agriculture and children while helping the community flourish. Val'Ontay has always loved helping people and being a great model to not only younger children but older adolescents who may have struggled with trials and tribulations in life.  She currently attends Langston University to further her education in the agriculture industry by receiving a bachelor of science degree in agribusiness. She plans to transfer to her dream college in Florida at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University (FAMU) in Tallahassee, FL. 

Val'Ontay chose to reach out to the community through pageant life. From a young age, Miss Linzy watched the show toddlers and tiaras and has seen how much influence, fun, and pride the young girls carried themselves with, walking on stage. As Val’Ontay grew older and researched the multitude of pageant systems, she then realized there were more to pageants than the awards & glitz. Many successful titleholders had platforms to promote grace, elegance, and being a beacon of life for other participants and outsiders to follow. Val’Ontay truly desires to make the world a better place in her own way, by volunteering and working alongside a reputable non-profit organization. Miss Linzy’s humble beginnings and the experiences she has already persevered through have only motivated Val’Ontay more to participate and spread her wings in the pageant system. This is a major platform of her ministry, by way of taking everything beautiful about agriculture and taking a cohesive approach to do what she loves with her beauty and brains.

In summer 2018, Val'Ontay attended her very first pageant (National American Miss Oklahoma State Pageant) where she received Top 10 Finalist of over 150 young girls, 2nd runner up in Community Service, and Best Thank You Note of Oklahoma City. This was an experience she will never forget in which motivated her to continue doing pageants. As she continues her pageant journey she is enthusiastic about representing America's Miss Agribusiness Pageant in Central, OK. She plans to promote the pageant program while continuing to teach children about agriculture and volunteering in multiple schools and communities with her current title. Val’Ontay is pleased to have the opportunity to make this an unforgettable experience that directly aligns with her mission and vision to make the most out of her platform; one of her favorite quotes are, "It's not about wearing the crown, It's about what you do while wearing the crown and so on after."

Houston, TX

Tuskegee University

Kennedy Manuel 

Kennedy Manuel is originally from Houston, Texas, and is currently a Junior at Tuskegee University where she is majoring in Animal Science. Her interests are in community activism and Sustainability. She hopes to pursue a career as a Wildlife Conservationist. Some skills that Kennedy has that will help the organization is her ability to community organize, teamwork, critical think, and her ability to adapt. 


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Imani S. Muhammad, B.A


Juris Doctorate Candidate, May 2023

Southeastern Louisiana University Law Center


Imani S. Muhammad, B.A

Imani Muhammad is a first year law student at Southern University Law Center. She has bachelor’s of science in political science and has worked closely with many projects involving the community. She is dedicated to change in her community and a consistent advocate for women and minorities. 


Noelani Pierce

Noelani is a non-binary Chicago native who attends Tuskegee University. Their passion for food and sustainability led them to major in Food Science. Noelani is an intelligent and dynamic person who knows who they are and is constantly trying to make themselves and the world around them better. Their preferred pronouns are they/them. 

Noelani Pierce



Tuskegee University



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Akwe Trevillion


Harding Fine Arts Academy

Akwe Trevillion 

My name is Akwe Trevillion, I’m a senior at Harding Fine Arts Academy, in Oklahoma City. I am Jack and Jill Oklahoma City Teen President and previously Co-President of my schools’ Black Student Association. I want to pursue a degree in education and inspire willingness to learn in kids all over. I think our knowledge of the world around us will ultimately set us free. Working with NWIAA is helping me to learn more about food and the importance of knowing how much we have control of what we eat. I am particularly interested in subsistence farming and hydroponics, and I’m eager to continue my work with this organization. When I’m not serving my community, you can find me watching movies, TV, traveling, and enjoying all kinds of art. 

Ramiyyah Tisdale 

Ramiyyah Tisdale is a Georgia native who comes from a family with a passion for service and agriculture. She graduated from Mercer University in 2019, with a degree in International Business with a concentration in Economics and Africana Studies. After graduation, she worked with the External Affairs Team at the USDA Forest Service in Denver, CO as a communications intern. She is enthusiastic about supporting social and economic enterprise for women and intends on pursuing a legal education with an interest in intellectual property. Ramiyyah enjoys spending time with her sisters and friends and perfecting recipes passed down to her from matriarchs in her family. Once a novice hiker, she now enjoys exploring her local forests and landscapes on a frequent basis. 


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