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Founder/CEO of National Women In Agriculture Association, the largest non-profit Women In Agriculture Organization in the World!




Dr. Tammy Gray-Steele is the first American agricultural specialist, agripreneur, educator, and women and children's advocate.


Born and raised on a farm, she received her secondary education in the rustic and rural community of Wewoka, Oklahoma. Upon graduating high school, Dr. Steele left Oklahoma to pursue a dual educational and business career in New York City.


Armed with the legal degree she obtained from New York University Law School,

and the requisite legal business experience she acquired on Manhattan's Wall Street, she returned home to her family farm and started to give back to the Oklahoma rural communities. During that time she was working full-time in the Oklahoma Corporate legal arena, and also devoting time to study for a Master's Degree in Business Administration (MBA), Horticulture and Childcare Development Certifications.


On the broader national turf, Dr. Steele is a former USDA Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education Advisory Main Council Member. Additionally, she had the rare honor of being appointed by President Barack Obama's administration as a distinguished USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service Advisory Councilwoman, serve on USDA Grant Panels, and a USDA Strategic Action Team Leader.


Dr. Steele serves on various scholarship committees that were instituted for the educational empowerment of youth. In addition, she offers valuable support to the Oklahoma City Black Chamber of Commerce, apart from volunteering on various rural Chamber of Commerce boards.


Deploying uncommon intellectual energy and superlative personal industry to achieve exemplary and duly-acknowledged results-oriented performance in both individual and team activities, Dr. Steele has demonstrated unrivaled commitment in assisting counties in the State of Oklahoma with expert knowledge in healthy food production at a level that matches any known empirical and international standards. In the process, she has managed to build for herself an unassailable reputation, and a formidable pedigree, as a widely sought after agricultural expert who is never short of strategic, innovative and entrepreneurial solutions to challenges in the agricultural sector of the economy.


Dr. Steele has embarked upon a personal crusade to develop good character amongst women and children. With a total belief in the credo that, "A child can only be developed if her mother provides sufficient support and resources," and with a legendary passion for empowering disadvantaged women and women of color in rural America, she strives to ensure that no woman, and no child, with whom she comes into contact, is socially and economically marginalized in the scheme of things.


Sincerely motivated by an altruistic desire to empower the socially and economically disadvantaged, and to deliver timely awareness and education to those who truly desire a sustainably healthier lifestyle, Dr. Steele established the National Women In Agriculture Association in 2008. Since that time, she has employed the powerful and influential instrumentality of NWIAA to pursue her agenda of sustainable development in America's agricultural sector. To this end, in January 2014, Dr. Steele opened NWIAA’s first Sustainable Agriculture Academy in the United States, located on the Eastside of the Oklahoma City Metro Area, and in close proximity to the city's largest African American population. It was in the light of this that Dr. Steele was recognized at the White House in February 2014, for leading the country in efforts to save and educate America's youth using environmental and innovative agriculture-based sustainable best practices.


In the spring of 2013, she was awarded a humanitarian honorary doctorate for exemplary performance as one of the most influential agro-business community developers amongst her generation in the United States. Dr. Steele has received awards from Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma Conservation District Cooperatives Department and Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus, and Tuskegee University and other educational institutions in genuine appreciation for her support of various economic empowerment entrepreneurship programs. She has written testimonial articles with New York Magazine and other Agriculture Journals.


She can be reached or (405) 424-4623 for speaking engagements, and for teaching sustainable business techniques that can rapidly develop communities.


Tracey Karcher, National Secretary and Chairwoman of the SW Montana Chapter, was born in Jacksonville, Florida and grew up in Miami. By the tender age of 8, she was working on a horse ranch in rural Miami-Dade County. She continued working as a professional horsewoman until the age of 48, when she retired and became a pastor with the United Methodist Church. 

She served as the assistant pastor at Faithbridge UMC in Blowing Rock, NC from 2008 to 2011, and was the founding director of Casting Bread Ministries (a food and crisis assistance ministry) based there fro 2007 to

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2011. After taking a break, she moved to Montana and is now ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers. 

She owns a small farm and is just getting started on living a sustainable lifestyle. Her goal is to produce nearly everything that her family needs, by raising livestock and growing crops using the science of permaculture as a guide. She is still working with horses and is planning an equine physical therapy center in Dillon, Montana. 

She is newly married, the fulltime caregiver of an adult son with muscular dystrophy and is very proud of her daughter and family back in North Carolina! Her hearts desire is to work again with the disadvantaged, offering hope for the future. She firmly believes the maxim, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care!” 

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Naomi Borquaye Jenkins, MBA has a vision where regular ideas can turn into streams of income. Her mentor Lisa Miller always used to say; "It takes faith the size of a mustard seed." This is what Naomi lives by.


Mrs. Jenkins is a 2010 graduate of Langston University and a 2011 graduate of Oklahoma Christian University. She has a Master of Business Administration with an emphasis on Accounting. She started her career in public accounting as an auditor. From that experience, she gained valuable knowledge about financial statements and internal controls.


Mrs. Jenkins enjoys time with her family, especially her daughter Rylan. She is a handfull and a ball of energy which keeps Mrs. Jenkins on her toes! Also, Mrs. Jenkins spends her extra time coaching various cheerleading teams in Oklahoma City.

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Meagan Mueller is a marketing consultant and budding agripreneur. As a “city girl”-come-farmer, she often jokes that farming is better for self-care than yoga, but is serious about it teaching process and patience, as well as providing healthy physical activity and allowing one to gain a sense of accomplishment. 


Although born on a farm in the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia, she grew up in Texas (Houston, Dallas, and a few small towns in between). While a student at Texas Woman’s University, Meagan began her professional journey in the non-profit sector, working for a transition program for homeless families. After college, she moved to Chicago and continued her commitment to community service through volunteerism, serving eight years as a Core-Organizer and Media Liaison for the CHIditarod. The CHIditarod is an annual event that collects food for the Greater Chicago Food Depository and supports the CHIditarod Foundation grants program, funding organizations that provide immediate hunger relief (like food pantries), and sustainable food empowerment through urban farming, community gardens, and education. She currently lives in Chattanooga, TN and is pursuing her love of farmwork and agriculture on 9.5 acres located in nearby Grundy County, TN.


Bobbette R. Fagel is the  Assistant Information Technology Coordinator for the NWIAA and is the Chairperson for the North Carolina chapter.  She has earned her Bachelor's Degree in Management and is currently working towards her Master's degree in Information Technology Management.  Ms. Fagel has an extensive background in information technology auditing and regulatory compliance.  She is currently an Information Security Advisor for a government agency, helping her company stay on top of compliance and government regulations.  She also has a background in information technology auditing for banks, credit unions and healthcare organizations.

Ms. Fagel has been deemed a “Subject Matter Expert” for ISACA’s 2011 and 2013 Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control Certification (CRISC) Exam Review Manual, has published articles pertaining to compliance and information security in various trade magazines , has been a presenter of training workshops for the Indiana Bankers Association and Community Bankers Association of Ohio, along with being a guest speaker for the Annual Women in Banking Conference sponsored by the Community Bankers 

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Association of Illinois, has been an invited guest to the Healthcare Information Security and Privacy Practitioner (HCISPP) Item Mapping Workshop to assess items to be

used in the HCISPP certification examination.

Ms. Fagel, along with her professional career, owns and operates Briar Creek Farm - her very own goat farm - which is situated in a small unincorporated community in Ruffin, North Carolina.  She loves getting her hands dirty, working with her livestock, and advancing her knowledge to ensure a happy, healthy herd.  In fact, Ms. Fagel has earned the Certified Dairy Goat Quality Producer certification through Langston University Goat Research program, which is the first such designation in her state.

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Selena L. Thornton J.D. is the Social Media / Public Engagement Manager for the NWIAA.  In addition, she is a Mompreneur. A mother of two amazing sons Immanuel and IsaiahLIV. She is the CEO of IAM LIV Enterprises LLC., owner and grower for Supernatural Flower Farm LLC. and extension of their family’s blueberry farm Legacy Acres LLC.


Selena is a business professional and inspirational speaker with the work experience and formal education needed to develop, lead or manage any organization or project. She holds a Masters degree in Legal Studies along with several degrees in Social Work, Human Services and Business.


Selena is currently serves on the Board Of Directors for Piedmont Progressive Farmers Group, a non- profit co-op organized in 2015 to provide opportunities for disadvantaged farmers to market their produce and farm products at a fair market rate while providing education about farm services.


Selena has a broad knowledge and diverse experience in business development, program management, marketing, sales, and social entrepreneurialism. As a minister her professional approach is always faith based and grounded in Christian values.


This award -winning business minded life coach is a humanitarian who eagerly awaits her next professional opportunity. In addition she is an author. She is the founder of Diva In Dirt(TM) an upstart program devoted solely to the education, enrichment and empowerment of women. A popular orator with engaging and thought provoking lectures her presentations are in high demand.