Flower Production

NWIAA grows and sells flowers in the urban areas every spring.  Varieties include daylilies, cosmos, black eyed Susans, purple cone flowers, daffodils, marigolds, bearded iris and a host of other annuals and perennials.  Varieties will also include heirloom and old fashioned annuals such as four O’clocks and Lavender.  Heirloom flowers are open pollinated (non hybrid) varieties the originated fifty or more years ago.  The modern Knock Out Rose, a new hybrid will also be grown.

NWIAA youth will plant neighborhood and community flower gardens that encourage and attract beneficial insects such as native bees.

Youth will plant seeds in NWIAA’s hoop house for transplant and re-sale to the community later in the season.  Flowers will also be used in NWIAA community improvement and beautification projects.  Seeds will be harvested at the end of the season and placed in NWIAA’s Seed Bank for planting the following year.

NWIAA’s flower production and training workshops will focus on proper planting techniques, plant nutrition, and maintenance for individual specimens.  Flower production and seed harvesting will be included in this series.