FL Chairperson
Jessica Cordova

Jessica Cordova is a writer/designer, teacher, and business enthusiast residing in Tampa, Florida. Ms. Cordova was born and raised in the “ocean farmlands” of the Florida Keys, where she assisted her father in his commercial and recreational fishing business growth and development until the age of 18. In 2008 she relocated to Tampa, Florida to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at the University of South Florida, graduating in 2011. 


Since 2011, she has taught locally, edifying youths on the importance of sowing good seeds that will reap bountiful harvests with consistent watering, patience, and the power of faith. Ms. Cordova empowers her students to prepare for life both academically and logistically; by utilizing real world critical thought and problem solving skills. She takes strong consideration and a mindful approach in teaching children to examine and understand the world that surrounds them, as well as their vital impact on society as future leaders of America.


Ms. Cordova’s love of teaching, coupled with her hispanic cultural roots, and fascination for the culinary arts have amalgamated to birth an insatiable desire to achieve the American dream of raising a family on a farm of her very own. By God’s blessings and multiplication, it is Ms. Cordova's mission to use small farm/sanctuary to not only feed her family a healthy, organic, vegan diet; but to also feed the masses of neighboring communities. She is passionate about creating an opportunity to educate the local population by teaching sustainable farming practices and the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. Ms. Cordova truly believes in being the living example of not just “giving a man a fish”, but teaching him how to fish; thereby supplying the skill set needed to achieve a lifetime of happiness and success by building up others through a ripple effect of positive transformation. 


“While it may seem small, the ripple effects
of small things is extraordinary.”

-Matt Bevin


National Secretary and Chairwoman 
Amanda Edwards


FL Chairperson
Julian BourneSmothers


(850) 400-8515

I am Julian L. BourneSmothers, a native of Jamaica. My passion and expertise aim to prepare as many professionals as possible for tomorrow. I assist youth in professional development skills that will empower them to compete globally. I am an organized, resourceful team player with experiences in all facets of mentoring, agricultural science, academic and career advising, and willing to perform beyond the call of duty.


Serving as an advocate for students allowed me to make a meaningful difference in over 2,000 students’ lives. For example, through individual counseling, coaching, and advising, I assist students in dealing with unique academic circumstances due to finances, family, and or medical concerns. My commitment to students is authentic. I supervise, train, coordinate, and implement programs that cater to students’ individual needs.

My passion for assisting children and families has propelled me to start a non-profit organization to support needy students and families internationally. The Bourne Morgan Foundation, Inc. was founded on April 13, 2012. Its purpose is exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to mentor communities for success by enhancing access to information and socialization. We provide programs to increase individuals and families' capacity to seek education for entrepreneurship that reduces poverty and increases self-enhancement skills.

I recently earned my Ph.D. in Educational Leadership at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU), where my research focused on evaluating followership in youth leadership training provided by the National FFA Organization. With my recent discovery of the term followership, I intend to use followership as the new approach to training youth leaders for the 21st century. I have taken the initiative to be trained as a trainer in sharing the courageous follower's unique purpose. My next step is to become a scholar and advocate for intelligent disobedience.


FL Chairperson
Faith Clarke

Faith Clarke, is the founder of the Agricultural and Environmental Development Institute (AEDI). For more than 20 years, Faith provided training, conducted research, developed youth leadership programs and administered federal and international projects in agriculture; climate change; food safety and tourism.  Prior to AEDI, she worked with the Florida Cooperative Extension Service. In addition to NWIAA, Faith is a member of the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Advisory Council, and serves as a volunteer with the American Red Cross.  



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