FL Chairperson
Jessica Cordova

Jessica Cordova is a writer/designer, teacher, and business enthusiast residing in Tampa, Florida. Ms. Cordova was born and raised in the “ocean farmlands” of the Florida Keys, where she assisted her father in his commercial and recreational fishing business growth and development until the age of 18. In 2008 she relocated to Tampa, Florida to pursue her Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education at the University of South Florida, graduating in 2011. 


Since 2011, she has taught locally, edifying youths on the importance of sowing good seeds that will reap bountiful harvests with consistent watering, patience, and the power of faith. Ms. Cordova empowers her students to prepare for life both academically and logistically; by utilizing real world critical thought and problem solving skills. She takes strong consideration and a mindful approach in teaching children to examine and understand the world that surrounds them, as well as their vital impact on society as future leaders of America.


Ms. Cordova’s love of teaching, coupled with her hispanic cultural roots, and fascination for the culinary arts have amalgamated to birth an insatiable desire to achieve the American dream of raising a family on a farm of her very own. By God’s blessings and multiplication, it is Ms. Cordova's mission to use small farm/sanctuary to not only feed her family a healthy, organic, vegan diet; but to also feed the masses of neighboring communities. She is passionate about creating an opportunity to educate the local population by teaching sustainable farming practices and the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. Ms. Cordova truly believes in being the living example of not just “giving a man a fish”, but teaching him how to fish; thereby supplying the skill set needed to achieve a lifetime of happiness and success by building up others through a ripple effect of positive transformation. 


“While it may seem small, the ripple effects
of small things is extraordinary.”

-Matt Bevin


FL Chairperson
Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards is a Tampa, Florida native and first generation stateside born citizen who became the first in her family to attend university. Ms. Edwards is a devoted mother of two year old twins and serves as a senior student in the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. In addition to her studies, Ms. Edwards is an avid Second Degree Black Belt Instructor, and Tae-Kwon-Do enthusiast. By utilizing her gifts collectively, Ms. Edwards strives to fulfill her God given purpose to eliminate poverty in urban and rural communities by sowing seeds of enlightenment in the youths of society. 


Ms. Edwards began her journey in health field with a vision to restore the mindset of the millennial generation to flourish in acquiring healthy eating habits, physical fitness, and to quench the undeniable thirst for mental reformation. Her main goal was and still is, to accomplish this feat by stimulating impressionable minds with her knowledge and expertise in the preventative medicine field. Ms. Edwards strongly believes that knowledge is power, and emancipation of the minority population’s chains within society truly starts with what is being fed to our bodies. This truth has driven a lifelong vision and goal to help others gain the forward thinking and courageousness needed to go against the grain of society to grow food for ourselves in a time of utter convenience and dependency. 

Ms. Edwards teaches classes and one-on-one sessions with clients to emphasize the importance of this mindset change; highlighting the benefits of growing and sustainably producing our own food within both urban and rural settings. As a top priority, Ms. Edwards currently strives to show others how to step into living their “best life” by making positive everyday adaptations that will slowly transition citizens into a cultural shift of independence when it comes to these key aspects. She is a firm activist and example to others, from displaying how to combat the struggle of avoiding typical food choices, to offering various fitness routines and lifestyle improvements, Ms. Edwards has a wealth of knowledge for others to draw from; including unconventional and creative ways to grow fruits, vegetables, micro greens, and herbs in even the most confined spaces.


Ms. Edwards’ advocacy in teaching others to liberate themselves from the cycle of dependence that stems from the standard American diet and lifestyle, couldn’t have been accomplished without a change of her own. In order to lead by example, Ms. Edwards and her children transitioned into a fully plant-based eating regimen to maintain optimal nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. While experiencing the newfound flavors of vegan living, the colorful variety, and joys of growing and picking her own food in a small backyard garden, Ms. Edwards made the declaration to one day own and operate a large scale organic family farm that would serve as part of her legacy for future generations.


Ms. Edwards is adamant about pursuing this mission not only for her own children, but also for educating the surrounding community with ways to make positive changes in their diet by simply growing their own food from farm to table. Ms. Edwards would like to share the knowledge she has acquired and principle understandings of what she has studied, to teach both current and coming generations methods of holistic wellness and sustainability that come with harvesting your own fresh home-grown goods.


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