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Judith Alston, Growing up in North Carolina, a state known for its rich farmlands, Judith (The Queen of Hampton Roads Honey) was immersed in a love for agriculture at a young and tender age.  In 2009 while working with Operation Spring Plant, a non-profit organization that provides resources and training to minority farmers and landowners, Judith developed a love and respect for bees.  She was intrigued by the role that bees play not only in agriculture but within the entire ecosystem as pollinators who are pertinent to the existence of several species.  The passion led to the creation of Hampton Roads Honey.  

Her beekeeping journey has led to memberships in the Virginia Beekeepers Association and the Beekeepers Guild of Southeast Virginia.  Judith has also worked with several nonprofits organizations, led several educational programs, and worked to create community gardens for churches and organizations. 


Teaching workshops or teaching students, Judith has made it her mission to educate and inform our next generation in programs such as the Citizen School, a 10 week-apprenticeship on the topic of agriculture and gardening.   They created a school garden, planted school trees, visited neighboring gardens in the community, and discussed opportunities in agriculture.  


 A Speaker for the 2nd National Farm to Cafeteria Conference in Gambier, Ohio   Judith enjoys sharing her interested to numerous youth organizations and businesses.  Chosen to Participant at the Center for Documentary Studies, Duke University and North Carolina Folk Life Documentation Judith created a documentary on the Struggles of the Black Farmer, featuring George Ammons, a Turkey Farmer in Faison, North Carolina.

Judith earned her Associates in Culinary  Arts from Stratford University,  Virginia Beach Virginia, a member of  American Culinary Federation and ServSafe Certificated. 

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Judith Alston
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2010 - present

2010 - present