NWIAA's Circle 'R' Ranch Program

Circle R Ranch Disabilitity Camp, located in Seminole County, Oklahoma was incorporated on September 2, 2009. Circle R Ranch is an 1100 acre ranch that offers on site opportunities to physically challenged individuals. Mr. George Roberts has been a successful farmer from 1974 through the present. His livestock farm and ranch experience includes cultivating crops, raising cattle, goats, hogs, horses, chickens, pigs and other farm animals. Mr. Roberts was honored and named Black Farmer of the Year by Langston University on May 26, 2006.


Mr. Roberts and his wife Carol, a retired school teacher, thrive on community involvement. Their accomplishments include assisting underserved residents develop their crops and cattle for distribution in Hughes and Seminole counties in Oklahoma. They also provide volunteer services to the NWIAA Farmers’ Market and Community Garden Project sponsored by the National Women in Ag. Association.


Circle R Ranch reaches out to the socially disadvantaged, underserved, and handicapped farmers to provide hands-on learning opportunities to those less fortunate. Circle R Ranch provides raised bed gardening and wheel chair height planting tables to meet the gardening needs of its clientele. Circle R Ranch is thrilled to offer its facilities to NWIAA as a place for socially disadvantaged and physically challenged individuals to learn farming and ranching and/or to update their skills.


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