Sisterhood Life Creed 

“With God first and NWIAA on One Accord, we will accomplish all things!”

The Formula


Some key reasons NWIAA has become the first and fastest growing non-profit professional agriculture minority and women's organization in America include:

  • Embracing a spiritual foundation;

  • Investing our best in the socially disadvantaged to help them develop and accomplish their goals in/through agriculture and

  • Engaging corporate business women who embody professionalism with a spiritual focus, as we move forward.

  • Integrating ideas and strategies gained in corporate America with the abilities and potential of women in rural and urban communities.  Doing so will significantly impact essential community growth by assisting through sustainable agricultural development and equitable allocation of resources.

NWIAA invites youth, ages six (6) through twelve (12), to participate in the “Bumble Bees and Butterflies Programs.”  In addition, NWIAA is proud to offer farmers ages twelve (12) years and older, the opportunity to join and participate in the “Hip Hop Producer Gardening Program”.  Both programs provide hands-on educational experiences which include: Health, Community Gardening, Greenhouse Production, Farmers Markets and Corporate Agribusiness Skills.




  • To develop locally grown food security systems in underserved communities (food deserts).
  • To guide young members of society to sustain healthy lifestyles and provide future generations with well-rounded role models.
  • To help instill the discipline and motivation needed to pursue post-secondary education.
  • To help increase the number of minority participants in the agriculture and farming industries.
  • “To promote character, health, and income from the ground up!”